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Blessing of God – I Need Your Help

So as of Patch Notes 3.15, the divination card 'Blessing of God' has been temporarily disabled, and to re-enable it, I am going to need your help and feedback in a decision.

A bit of background:

A little about the card and a bit of its history for those who may not of seen it, used it, or understand what role it has played for some builds.

Blessing of God is a divination card that drops from Elreon in Betrayal content (originally dropped from Elreon missions before Betrayal League) and a set of 3 gives a Magic ring or amulet at Item Level 85 with the legacy signature mod '-(8-4) to Total Mana Cost of Skills'.

This legacy mod was effectively split into two some time ago: Channelling Skills and Non-Channelling Skills. This was to give both variants different values to stop particular builds (Cyclone being the biggest issue) from costing 0 mana and reserve their mana fully with auras or other beneficial skills, without hurting Non-Channelling builds that used the mod.

The divination card was never updated when this change happened, so Elreon's new Channelling variant of 'Channelling Skills have -3 to Total Mana Cost' was inferior to the divination card which could do both Channelling and Non-Channelling, up to -8 to Total Mana Cost.

Many people would buy the card set and roll a chance at a ring (especially as it can roll map-specific drops such as the Steel Ring base) with the legacy mod and then craft a decent ring for their build or sell onwards, though I understand this was more for end-game builds who had exalted to spare as the card wasn't easy to obtain. Even I don't have a set of my own card sadly.

The decision I need help with:

Sadly, I have been contacted by GGG to have the card reward changed as divination cards are not meant to award mods that have gone legacy.They have given me two options and I'm allowed to choose one, but I need your help to know which would be the better choice for the community. The two mods are:

  1. Channelling Skills have -4 to Total Mana Cost
  2. Non-Channelling Skills have (-10 to -9) to Total Mana Cost

These two mods being offered as an alternative are ever-so-slightly stronger than their current veiled counterparts, with the current Channelling Skills mod being 'Channelling Skills have -3 to Total Mana Cost', and Non-Channelling Skills mod being 'Non-Channelling Skills have (-9 to -8) to Total Mana Cost'.

I need your help about what choice would be better going forward from Patch 3.15. Maybe you have a reason you want to voice that others may not have thought of, or some information that can be added as to which option would be the best overall. Maybe the mana changes in 3.15 are part of this discussion? Maybe a popular build that used this card prior still could benefit from the card? What ever it is, I want to hear from you.

Also, a big thank you to my good friend Marked One for letting me know that it was disabled. I hadn't realised I was contacted by GGG until after he told me. The card may very well of stayed temporarily disabled for a very long time, so thank you!

EDIT: For anyone with knowledge on this, would "Non-Channelling Skills have (-10 to -9) to Total Mana Cost" affect skills that are being triggered, now that triggered skills costs mana?


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