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Boneshatter and Battlemage: updates after the gem reveal

Hello everyone

This is a follow up post with my discoveries with boneshatter and battlemage's cry working together. Numbers are better than predicted! I'll probably play the hybrid version and ditch skill effect duration nodes. Calculations are from old numbers and should be higher now.

about stun duration

  • it seems its the default quality for boneshatter. I'm trying to stack this now, so it was great timing! Since the AoE caps out at 400% and it gives it in chunks of 15, it was (400 / 15) = 26.67 * 0.1s = 2.67s stun duration for max AoE.

about self damage

  • even on the skill effect duration version I suppose the final damage taken is around 300 per boneshatter. On the other versions, with just 4 trauma stacks, its around 200~. Feels like a high cost slow melee hit, no biggie.

new found good interactions

  • clear mind jewel (40-60% spell damage) on this blood magic setup is great with battlemage

old version, with skill effect duration

Just updated with the new values from the gem reveal.


new stun duration version (my pick; damage is enough id rather go for more aoe)

Made an additional version of the build, considering trying to reach stun duration cap (2.67s for max innate AoE); It features less damage of course and uses Warlord's Mark instead of Vulnerability – also ditched the increased skill effect duration nodes. With Warlord's Mark is reaches 100% double stun duration and has 211% increase stun duration (261% against full life enemies). This should grant enough AoE to map properly, if the lack of investment makes it super clunky.

GGG announcement video has a bad AoE being depicted in aqueducts and good AoE in dunes map. In dunes, the character has 7 endurance charges going and as a Jugg this should be at least 42% aoe and 70% stun duration from ascendancy with probably 35% extra stun duration per endurance charge from the tree, near the Duelist starting zone.

Calculating damage a warlord's marked enemy with 70m life, it should net around 35% chance to stun with ruthless blow, lasting 5 seconds (dont even know if there's a time cap for this). After this stun the enemy gains 4 seconds of stun immunity: its no biggie because its probably the time it will take to build up another combo (avoid enemy skills, drop totems, seismic cry, battlemage cry, start bonking again). Timing the ruthless blow with phase run and pride max effect should make the stun chance to up to 67%.

Updated this one. New values below.


  • 100% double stun duration with warlords mark vs enemy with 74,712,908 HP
  • 4.6s double duration stun with phase run bonk
  • non bonks have 180% inc aoe or 360% if double duration (40% chance on non marked enemies) vs full life enemies (150 / 300 vs non full life)


The AoE itself of boneshatter is interesting because there's a possibility that it overlaps with the strike itself, hitting twice. Since it only procs when you stun an enemy, I decided to create a PoB version that maximizes stun chance, disregarding stun duration. Came up with one that has 100% chance to stun an enemy with 74,712,908 HP, given max pride and phase run are aligned with the ruthless blow (alt quality for 20% more damage). If this mechanic work like this, this is the version with most damage (max bonk is ~2.6m, so twice is ~5.2m).


  • 100% double stun duration with warlords mark
  • 3.6s double duration stun with phase run bonk
  • updated damage is super similar so Ill not update calculations – it freed up vulnerability for warlord's mark (more stun duration); even without vulnerability the damage is higher than in calculations (~2.76m)
  • non bonks while mapping should have 135% inc aoe, 270% if double duration (mark can only be applied at one enemy)
  • looking forward to boneshatter 21 and the possibility of 5% more damage per trauma
  • I see the excessive damage and maybe stun duration being used as a safe margin in the pob gear, can be reduced a bit. Stun threshold is required (max t1 roll on belt).


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