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Boneshatter build in progress

Seems like every league I spend as much time playing PoB as I do playing PoE. I just discovered this sub and it seems many of you are in the same situation. I have been working on a BoneShatter build and wanted to share it with this group along with some thoughts I have collected regarding the build. Full disclosure I have very little end game experience so I have no idea how viable this build will be there, normally I only get to yellow maps, sometimes a few red but I am pretty excited about this build as it seems the strongest of any that I have come up with. I'm currently only level 54 or so but having fun with it so far.


It seems like every time I look at it I missed something or need to change things up. My original idea was an endurance stacking jugg with tidebreaker and multistrike, then I learned multistrike would not work, also 6 link tidebreaker is expensive (to me). Reading some more I figured out that building trauma stacks is one of the best ways to scale this build so I switched the tree around a bit, got some skill duration and lots of attack speed. The gear used is all pretty cheap, 25-30 chaos at most, I think. (other than vulnerability on gloves which are not currently available, and the helm enchant which I forgot to look up).

I've gotten it to where I can theoretically generate ~80 (6.45 aps * 10.2 secs * 1.24) stacks of trauma, unfortunately that means about 17k (80 * 214) damage coming back at me every hit, not survivable with the gear I have.

Unbreakable is an awesome node and according to what I've read can make you immortal with regards to physical damage if you have enough mitigation, the magic number there according to my math is 87% mitigation, this goes down with leech and regen. With the setup I have, I think I need 77% mitigation to survive the 17k hit, with the starter gear in the PoB I'm at 47% 🙁 I think that would let me get to ~21 stacks, swapping in the brass dome gets me to 47 stacks

Taking Unrelenting could boost my mitigation another 10% which would get me to 72% mitigation with the dome but the requirement is higher there because the regen + leech is lower.

None of these calculations take immortal call into account because that is not 100% uptime and it makes it lots more complicated. Maybe that will let me survive much higher trauma stacks.

The other thing I tried out was the Craiceann set. If you get armor/helm/boots I think you could sustain 10-15 crab barriers at all times giving another 20-30% phys mitigation plus lots of armor. The magic there comes from the boots preventing loss of all barriers on hit and the helm preventing los of any barriers if you've lost any recently. That combination allows you to regen all lost barriers in the prevention window granted by the helm. The gloves would raise your average barrier count but not change anything fundamentally. I think that combination would allow you to stack as much trauma as your aps will allow but it is more expensive.

Anyway, wanted to share this with the community and see if others have suggestions for improvements or other thoughts. I did not mention flasks because I am terrible at using them. I just recently noticed I have had a mana flask on my bar for the last 20 levels after switching to Blood Magic. I think onslaught and granite flasks would be the most help but suggestions there are appreciated.

PS Yes I know there are way too many uniques in the build, I like uniques and they are easy to build around. Probably lots of upgrade to be had there as well.


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