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Bossdrops should be ONLY Bossdrops!! Poll

Content of the article: "Bossdrops should be ONLY Bossdrops!! Poll"

Hey guys,

I have this opinion for a long time now and I saw ziz mentioning this once too and all my buddies I play with have the same opinion too so I am pretty curious how the masses feel.

They just announced that new divcard for thread of hope and here we have yet another divcard that gives a bossonly drop. I think when you decide that there are bosses that can drop certain items that cannot drop anywhere else, killing that boss should be the only way to get to these items. When the boss is hard people who can kill him early or at all should be rewarded with getting more for their bossloot.If divcards, that give bossonly drops only drop from the same boss it would be fine I guess. It is kind of a little reward if not getting the big drop.However these divcards should not drop from diviners boxes or other divcards. The one and only way to get bossloot should be to either kill that one boss or trade for it.

How do you guys think about it?

EDIT: I am not trying to monopolize on any kind of item. However I think people who are able to kill harder bosses should be rewarded. When you decide to make a bosskiller early that might lack in clearspeed and can zoom less, you need to get something out of it.

I feel that Bosses are very important for RPGs of any kind and they should mark milestones in the game. It should feel good to get to a certain boss and beat it. You should also get a reward for that. Getting that same item, basically from easier content and stacked decks makes beating that boss less meaningful. It devalues the achievment. I would really like to know, what percentage of certain bossdrops in early leagues comes from that boss and what percentage comes from divcards. I am pretty sure there are quite a view items, where there exist more out of divcards than from that boss itself. This kind of feels wrong to me.

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So now I have commented and discussed for about 4 hours. The current standing of the poll would be:
70 people are fine as it is
43 Would like the divcards for bossdrops only come from the boss itself
24 Would like to not even have divcards for boss drops
14 don't care

So it is pretty even between people who like the cards for bossdrops being accessible via other means in the game and people who want bossdrops only be accessible by killing that boss (70 to 67)
I would have imagined more people with my opinion to be honest and I think it is rather interesting.
However what I saw while commenting is, that a lot of people seem to think that it is designed with SSF in mind and that people in SSF should be able to farm these items even if they cannot kill the bosses. Sadly for most of the bossitem cards where their drop locations are known, it is NOT possible to really farm a full set in SSF during a single league. The cards drop at really wierd locations that you cannot farm over and over and also are pretty rare.

At this point I will not comment any further since I have a life past commenting. I did not see any argument for the other side, that could not get just debunked as false but "it makes the marked eveen faster". Weather it is a good think to "even the marked faster" is a good thing would be a totally different discussion.


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