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If you're a new player, and want to get into late game bossing, here are some tips. This is a great league to start bossing, partly because theres no better time to start than now. The dps check is an extremely rough guideline to how much dps will make the boss moderately okay to do. The higher your dps, the easier the difficulty.

Here is my pleb view of how difficult some of bosses are:


Difficulty: Low (1/10)

DPS check: 1m for a less mechanical fight, 400k for okayish fight

Mechanics: Complex

Atziri's attacks are telegraphed, but chaotic. She does high amounts of damage, but these can be circumvented by phasing her instant or near instantly. As she is a relatively early boss, she does not have high amounts of hp. Her attacks can be pretty fast, have huge aoe and lethal, but a decently well built character these days phases her instantly.

DO NOT attempt with characters that hit and are not immune to reflect. She has 2% innate reflect that will kill your character.

Recommended: Any build that ignores reflect.


Difficulty: High (8/10)

DPS check: 4m for a less mechanical fight, 2m for okayish fight

Mechanics: Complex

In all ways similar to normal Atziri, but has much higher health pool and damage. Many of her attacks deal a few thousand damage, and will oneshot average builds especially on crits.

DO NOT attempt with characters that hit and are not immune to reflect. She has 2% innate reflect that will kill your character.

Recommended: Any well geared late-game character with immunity to reflect.

HARBINGER (Beachhead)

Difficulty: Low (1/10)

DPS check: 800k

Mechanics: None

Harbinger boss(es) just spawns a bunch of mobs over and over. Sometimes they have proximity shield, sometimes allies can not die. Any build will good clear will trivialise this boss.

Recommended: Any build with good clear, in particular builds that can leave lingering DOT fields like toxic rain & vortex & ignore proximity shield are particularly ez mode.

Have not found infused beachhead to make a write-up about it, but i would assume the same but higher dps needed.

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Difficulty: Low – Medium (2.5/10)
DPS check: 300k

Mechanics: Simple to learn

Shaper is the easiest mechanically. He is pretty simple and does a few and very strongly telegraphed attacks. The fight is pretty straightforward and mechanically simple. Every attack shaper throws out is dodgable. My opinion is that all builds can do Shaper easily. He is a easy to learn.

Recommended: Glass cannons.


Difficulty: Medium (3/10)
DPS check: 500k

Mechanics: Moderate, but messy

Elder is a moderately difficult fight. He has many different attacks, and does pretty high damage. They are less telegraphed and faster than Shaper's attacks, but does less damage than shaper. Elder has a summoning phase where he creates multiple summoning portals, and the fight can go south really quickly if your character doesnt have a good clear speed.

Recommended: Moderately tanky character with high clear. EHP of 7k


Difficulty: Medium (7.5/10)
DPS check: 2.5m

Mechanics: Messy

Fighting Elder + Shaper together used to be extremely difficult before the advent of instant travel skills, as Elder could freeze you and shaper could burst you while you were frozen. In the past, Kaom's boots were pseudo mandatory to mitigate the near zero action speed elder could place on you. Nowadays, these worries are gone with flame dash, frost blink and dash being able to phase out of the reduced action speed. The fight however can be quite messy but the popular strategy is to run the arena in circles and throw out an autoaim spell once a while, but to prioritise not stopping in the arena.

Recommended: Autoattack builds or builds that need to cast infrequently. EHP of 9k


Difficulty: Medium to Hard (6-8/10 depending on awakener)
DPS check: 300k for AW0, 2m for AW8

Mechanics: Complicated and messy

Sirus is a pretty gimmicky boss. You have to start his phases by walking beneath him. He does pretty high amounts of spike damage, and low auto attack damage. Has a pretty hefty death penalty by creating additional storms and lots of bullshit teleport and off-screening if you dont know the fight very well. A higher amount of dps is required to do him comfortably, as a long fight means more hairy situations. Highly recommended to watch youtube tutorials.

Recommended: Glass cannons

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Difficulty: High (8/10 for ilv 83)
DPS check: 4m

Mechanics: Hard

Catarina is a mechanics fight. You have to cycle through her different phases, by breaking her towers and killing Syndicate adds. Really difficult fight if you have never done it before, gets easier with practice. Highly recommended to watch youtube tutorials to understand what's going on, as there are many sources of damage via desecrated ground and tower splash damage. I failed this fight 5-6 times during betrayal league before i was able to get the hang of it.

Recommended: Well built lategame characters, with good defense. EHP of 10k, or higher defences through resistances etc.


Difficulty: High (3/10 normal stones) (5/10 for charged) (6/10 for pure)
DPS check: 500k (normal) 1m (charged) 2m (pure)

Mechanics: Medium

Xoph is the easiest out of the bunch. As long as you do not pop the pillars to spawn adds during the fight or get cornered by his ground damage attacks, the fight is fairly simple.

Tul has the shotgunning projectile attack, which is the only dangerous thing about him. The fight is fairly simple

Esh is the rippiest of the bunch. He has a shock nova attack that propagates weirdly, which can easily kill alot of characters.

Recommended: Any lategame build can do these, but the tankier ones have an easier time.

I do not know the Chayula or Uul-Netol fights well, as i attempt them late game and basically oneshot them.


Difficulty: High (7.5/10)
DPS check: 3m

Mechanics: Medium

The cortex features a series of bosses from Synthesis. A build that fights from a further distance is preferred, since the bosses are a little Touhou-like and is a little bit of a bullet hell.

Recommended: High dot, Brands, Totems, Miners, Necromancer

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There are some other fights but these are the more notable ones. Beastiary league bosses imo are relatively simple and more like map bosses – hit and run away. Beyond & Legion bosses are like rare mobs at this point. Lich scales by map level, and is kind of weak in today's standards as well. Architect's a joke and not worth writing about. Conqueror fights are being done in progressive stages, and should be pretty well understood by anyone progressing maps. I have not found Aul.

In general, Archmage Brand/Cremation, Ball Lightning Miner, Necromancer (summoner), Aurastacker, Bleed Gladiator are all good builds to do all of the bosses. (Aurastackers do anything and everything the best). The higher the dps, the easier bosses become, since they will manage to do less actions.

Hope this helps, and go out there and kill more bosses!


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