Path of Exile

Building around Mahuxotl’s Machination

So if I understand correctly, the main point of this shield is to make proper and consistent use of Everlasting Sacrifice (When you reach full Energy Shield, Sacrifice all Energy Shield to gain +5% to all Maximum Resistances for 4 seconds). Now this combined with the new Immortal Ambition can be pretty tricky in terms of filling up your energy shield pool every 4s, but this is where pathfinder and flask abuse comes in:

First we make use of Tempered by War (50% of Cold and Lightning Damage taken as Fire Damage, 50% less Cold Resistance, 50% less Lightning Resistance), coupled with Divine Flesh we no longer have to scale both cold or lightning resist. This is the first major benefit.

Next, we make use of Sorrow of the Divine because of this key line: "Life Recovery from Flasks also applies to Energy Shield during Flask Effect" What this means on PF is that you can instantly trigger full es (assuming it's low enough, which is should be) by just using one strong instant divine life flask. So this solves the condition for activating Everlasting Sacrifice.

After this, it's just a game of capping both our chaos and fire resistance and stacking as much physical taken as fire or chaos modifiers to build up a healthy phys mitigation as well.

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Sure, the shield does stop us from being able to regenerate life and halves the effect of vaal pact's max leech rate, but if we're pathfinder and abusing a life flask with such heavy mitigation this becomes somewhat of a non-issue in my eyes (we could also do recover life on kill for mapping purposes, say cinderswallow).

In summary, with a reasonable amount of investment we're left with:

  • 85% max chaos resistance
  • 80% max fire resistance
  • no need to scale cold OR lightning resistance
  • overleech (from immortal ambition, which can be used for various cluster notables or mods on gear that have strong effects)

If there's anything you wish to add or correct please let me know, because this seems like it could be an insanely strong way to build defences on a pathfinder that can also use a shield.

Edit: /u/blvcksvn has posted an important caveat to be aware of with this strategy and poses a simpler solution, limited to spells though:

Note that you'll only heal the amount you heal from your life, so if your life is full an instant flask will do nothing to ES. Petrified Blood (with no life reserved) may be needed here to make full effect of your flask. This nullifies Immortal Ambition's overleech mechanic in favor of PB's half life overleech. I have a better alternative as well: 

Sacrifice 5% of Life to gain that much Energy Shield when you Cast a Spell This will let you reliably gain ES as you cast. 

Edit 2: The only other semi-automatic setup I can think of is using The Devouring Diadem for Feast of Flesh and Corpsewalker. The issue with this is that you'll only have 80% uptime without some duration extension on Everlasting Sacrifice (4 sec / 5 sec)

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Edit 3: tested Sorrow of the Divine with an instant flask and it seems to apply the whole recovery to es even if you're full hp, this is very important as you won't need to chunk yourself at all before using this combo to recover to full es!


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