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Check out the Forbidden Harvest! Buy and Sell Harvest Crafting services


The Forbidden Harvest has been built with the aim to provide a smooth and reputable service for selling and buying of Harvest crafts. If you have used the in-game chats or our service sharing rooms on our discord before, you know that selling and buying harvest crafts isn’t the easiest or most reliable thing in the world right now. This website aims to solve this.


On the site you will be able to: Find crafting services you would like to buy using a search engine Filter for price, reputation and craft level Directly message service providers in-game with the craft you want Verify the reputation of sellers


“How do I list my crafts?”

  1. Place a horti-crafting station with crafts into a PUBLIC TAB.
  2. Add a NOTE to them with your prices from top to bottom following this example: #1ex/2ex/100c
  3. If you want a craft not to be listed simply add a hyphen (e.g. #1ex/-/1ex).
  4. The items should appear on the site shortly. We only keep your crafts online for two hours, to relist them, change your tab’s name.


While the website is a work in progress, we hope that it will improve the experience of buying and selling harvest crafts.. We will continue to improve on the site moving forward. If you have feedback on the website after using it, please feel free to leave feedback on our google form.

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“How does the vouch system work?” The vouching system is an honour based system that has been used within the Forbidden Trove discord for 6 months. Once a buyer successfully purchases a service from a seller and the service has been completed successfully, the buyer will vouch for the seller. With enough vouches, sellers are assigned a higher rank to reflect their reliability. Example services are bench crafts, boss kills, but most importantly for this website, harvest crafts.


The site has been created by @Nircwrof with support from @Knaap and the TFT moderators and staff. We hope you enjoy the site and welcome you to join our Discord, the Forbidden Trove!


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