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CI Creeping Chill endgame setup for Ritual league

Content of the article: "CI Creeping Chill endgame setup for Ritual league"

I'm pretty set on playing Creeping Chill for Ritual League, leveling and early maps as Hybrid and then transition into CI later. I know the gist of that so I'm looking at the endgame for now. It has been quite a while since I played any CI build, so I'm not sure how those stack damage and defenses nowadays. I did play CI Vortex way back and I pretty much relied heavily on (old) Wicked Ward, Enfeeble, Chill/Freeze and faster ES recharge. That was before Cluster Jewels and such.

Anyways, this is what I am working towards: (Just ignore Profane Bloom, new Ascendancy tree allows direct travel to Malediction to save those 2 points)

The items are not cheap and not starter material, but this is basically a goalpost on a level I can achieve during the league. The defenses are once again fast ES recharge start (Apep's Supremacy, Watcher's Eye, ring craft, Essence Surge), Bleed/Poison/Chill/Freeze/Stun immunity, 2 Endurance charges, lots of chill effect and freezes, Arctic Armor, Enfeeble on Arcanist Brand, 3% ES per kill from Clusters, 16% ES regen from Clusters and Vile Bastion if killed recently, Frigid Wake and Malediction 10% Damage reduction each, the hit & run playstyle of the DoT build itself and a cushion of 10k ES. Notably I do not use Rime Gaze because of the reduced recharge rate and I don't plan on working it in unless there is a good offset for that.

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What can I optimize on the tree? Any affixes or skills I have overlooked? Anything I should or shouldn't have picked? Item and crafting options I should explore? I am looking forward to any input you have.

I only look towards pushing more damage if it does not compromise the defenses I have built already. I want tankiness and room for error to account for the new endgame challenges. I am 100% set on playing it CI because I like the concept of Energy Shield and I want to feel some CI Vortex nostalgia. I will not play a Life-based version, even if it pumps out more damage or is tankier, just think of that as set in stone.

Thanks in advance to anyone taking the time to look over this.


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