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Collected scarab flavor text

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I'm a lore nerd in basically any game I play so when I couldn't find an easily readable list of all the scarabs' flavor text I figured I'd make one. The format I'm using lists the scarabs by name in alphabetical order followed by the text of the rusted, polished, gilded, and winged versions in that order.


  • Your outlaw camp abandoned you when their surprise attack failed, young Rindwik. Now that you know we exist, we cannot let you go. You have two choices.
  • Your people were renegades, Rindwik, but you have proven your loyalty. You will lead the martial defence of our expeditions.
  • Master Warrior Rindwik fell to one opponent alone: old age. Only the greatest soldiers can say as much.
  • In the absence of a strong martial presence, the renegades rise once more. Their poisons threaten to cloud the land.


  • Feuding Ezomytes slaughtered your kin, young Agnar, but we pulled you from the flames. The order of the Djinn is your clan now.
  • None among us understand the beasts of this world better than you, honoured Agnar. You will root out the mysteries of wild-artefacts.
  • The Order was your clan in life, Agnar, Beastmaster, but the First Ones call back their favoured son. The gift of their visions will pass to another.
  • Without an experienced Beastmaster to find them new realms, the First Ones' ravaging hunt brings them ever closer to Wraeclast.


  • The ember-dwellers sought to throw you to their volcanic god, young Omid, but we caught you instead. The order of the Djinn is your tribe now.
  • We task you, honoured Omid, with the investigation of this mysterious 'Xoph' and artefacts related to rifts in the boundaries of our world.
  • Omid, Master Researcher, has left a final commandment upon his death: the world must never know.
  • The Master Researcher's final commandment has failed. The High Templar has seen the truth of our situation, and the world will be undone by his fear.


  • Consider yourself an orphaned Eternal no longer, young Betucia. The Order of the Djinn is your family now.
  • For your loyalty and valour, honoured Betucia, we are proud to put the requisition of dream-artefacts in your capable hands.
  • Betucia, Bearer of the Sealing Blade, the Order of the Djinn survives because of your sacrifice, but will be forever wounded by your loss.
  • The Sealing Blade has been removed, and the agent of Decay shall feed upon this world until nothing remains but dust.
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  • You were a casualty of callous Karui warfare, ageless Narumoa, but the Order mended your wounds. You are bound to us now by your own code.
  • Though your peers fear you, Narumoa, the elders have decided that your second sight is ideal for handling all artefacts that seek to subvert fate.
  • Your centuries of service have been invaluable to us, Narumoa. Go now, return to Hinekora, and join your ancient kin in the halls of the dead.
  • Hinekora has sent the world another herald, but this hatungo walks another path. We are left blinded, and subject to the vagaries of fate.


  • Your visions led the Azmeri down into a world left abandoned by the Vaal. They cast you out, young Egrin, but the Order of the Djinn accepts you.
  • Speaker of unclean truths, Egrin of the Dark Between Stars. We curse you whose soul echoes the madness of the void!
  • Egrin of the Dark Between Stars, Forger of the Sealing Blade, let your name be redeemed by your unexpected sacrifice.
  • We are all equally fools for our childish notions. That dread force Decay cannot be defeated by self-sacrifice.


  • Your ancestry has been much maligned by history, young Sarina Titucius, but to the Order of the Djinn, you are born anew.
  • For deciphering the language of the inscrutable ones, honoured Sarina, we charge you with investigating their intent in our land.
  • For your valour beyond the Gate, Sarina Titucius, we honour you with the first Gilded Scarab awarded while its recipient still lives. Remain vigilant.
  • The thousand year truce has faltered, for the inscrutable ones have imprisoned their own God. Should they invade again, there will be no warning.


  • Your faith and our Order are not in opposition, young Eutychus. Let this be the start of a new era of cooperation.
  • As our hand in the Chamber, we grant you, Deacon Eutychus, access to a domain we lack the resources to explore.
  • Given the fate of Deacon Eutychus and the men under Cardinal Sanctus Vox, let none dare the Domain, lest they too feed that vile hunger eternal.
  • As the passage between Wraeclast and the land beyond time's reach is torn open, we stand on the precipice of eternal war. And no one remains to hold us back.


  • Rejected even by the Faridun outcasts, young Saresh, you were cursed to walk the white sands until we found you. The Order shall command your penance now.
  • As you explore the vast well of human darkness, Saresh, our Surgeon of the Dead, remember that the price can sometimes exceed the value of knowledge.
  • There was a man of bone, rotting flesh, and weeping black, but his name, his ill-gotten knowledge, and his role in the Order shall be stricken from memory.
  • Though the Necromancer of Weeping Black fell in the desert by the hand of Garukhan, his mindless legions remain scattered throughout Wraeclast, with no master to curb their hunger.
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  • We plucked you from Malachai's torturous grasp, Icius Perandus, for a reason. Mankind is in grave peril. By accepting this scarab, you pledge your life.
  • By planning against the theft and plundering of artefacts by your family's patron, Cadiro, you have shown your intellect, Icius. The Order of the Djinn puts its faith in you.
  • The dark day has come, Icius Perandus. Today either we succeed or humanity dies. Enact your plan. Prevent the fate of the Vaal from befalling the Eternal Empire!
  • We few who remain live in the envy of those who do not. The land rots, the water is poison, and the air is fire. We curse you, Icius, for succeeding in saving us.


  • The Maraketh left you to die alone in the desert, young Sumei, but we saw the potential in you. The Order of the Djinn is your akhara now.
  • As the best of our lorekeepers, honoured Sumei, it is now your task to investigate the mysterious duplication of artefacts of power.
  • Go to your rest now, Sumei, Master Lorekeeper. The Order shall keep contained the terrible secret that burdened your final years.
  • The books were burned, and the scribes set themselves aflame. What secret so terrible could they have discovered? Though centuries have passed, we must investigate this for ourselves.


  • The Peak-dwellers saw you as impure, young Qianga, but the Order of the Djinn sees you as all the stronger for your uniqueness.
  • Bold dreamer, Qianga of the Stars, she of the Celestial Cold! These titles we bestow upon the one among us whose soul speaks to the ineffable.
  • Quianga of the Stars, Deliverer of the Sealing Blade to the Watchers, go now, and let your half-dreamt life be troubled by nightmares of achromic hunger no more.
  • The Watchers have gone silent, yet they scream still. Something lurks among the stars of our dreams, knocking at the door, whispering with the voices of long lost friends…


  • As the first Brinerot to join the Order, you have much to prove, young Raethan. We are confident you will succeed.
  • For harnessing and controlling the power of lightning, you, Raethan, are now charged with researching this new energy.
  • Let him not be called Raethan the Betrayer. His discovery was too important to keep locked away. Now, for good or ill, it is in civilization's hands.
  • Madness marches in machine form. Harnessed lightning, grim faces, and cold ambition abounds. Civilization will be its own undoing.
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  • Young Tsarsk, you were a broken and forgotten child lying glassy-eyed in a flesh-pit in Trarthus, but the Order found and cleansed you.
  • Your tortured soul long kept you isolated from your peers, Tsarsk, but has attracted new kindred in kind. You are tasked with appeasing these anguished spirits.
  • Though you were swallowed by your own darkness, you saved countless others from eternal misery, young Tsarsk. You were not nothing, as you feared.
  • Without a speaker of the dead, the countless anguished spirits only grow in number. They have no voice, and no hope. The sun darkens with each passing year.


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