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Community Racing’s Relay to Raise: Racing for a Cause – September 5th @ 8pm UTC

Content of the article: "Community Racing’s Relay to Raise: Racing for a Cause – September 5th @ 8pm UTC"

Hey, everyone!

I wanted to post here to let you all know about a race coming up on Saturday that I've been working on. It's completely open to the community, so grab a few friends, or take a look in the LFG channel in our Racing Discord and have some fun supporting a number of fantastic causes! If you've never tried racing and want to give it a shot, this is a great low-key short-format race to get a taste of what's there.

It's the first PoE Relay, where teams of four will make four separate rushes to Dominus using four different base characters. Who plays which character, and which character goes when will be part of the strategy! This event will also be casted by none other than ZiggyD & Octavian0 on ZD's Twitch.

Since GDQ doesn't allow online games, I thought we might as well have our very own!

You can find additional information here:

  • GGG's Coverage: Here
  • Official Forum Thread: Here
  • PoE Community Racing Discord: Here
  • Charity Splash Page: Here

How it Works:

Each team will pick a charity they'd like to represent, ensuring some of the charity pool goes to their specific charity. All charities will come away from the event with something! The higher the team places, the larger percent the charities receive. Final distributions will be posted once we've finalized the teams.

The charity pool is currently open and accepting donations!
Here are the causes we'll be supporting:

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There's numerous prizes up for grabs, both for the racers participating, as well as the viewers tuning in to watch the race themselves. As we reach certain donation milestones during the stream, additional giveaways will be provided by SoftGiving. You can read more in the Forum Thread!

A big thank you to AFK Creators, SoftGiving, and ZiggyD for their time, platforms, and confidence.

Let's do a lot of good while watching something we love!



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