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Corpsewalker Cyclone CWC Detonate Dead!

Content of the article: "Corpsewalker Cyclone CWC Detonate Dead!"

After playing Heist to death with some meta builds, I decided a week or so ago to liquidate a bunch of my stuff and dump currency into something real hipstery that would still be a challenge to optimize. In a few years of playing i have never accumulated more than 10~ex or so per league until Heist, so this is the first time I've had 40-50ex to play with. Thank you, CoS GS Champ workhorse.

Anyways, I had seen u/thatsrealneato's

video and was intrigued. I thought the concept was cool, but as he had stated the build was left quite un-optimized.

After 200+ regrets, 3 or so iterations on the build, 30-40ex worth of spending (sometimes on stuff I didn't even end up using), a whole bunch of research on how Spectre life affects corpses and DD damage (Thanks u/ThisisBadger and

) I ended up with this: (PoB Fork)

Some improvements from the initial concept:

  • 2.5x more PoB damage
  • 1,500 more energy shield
  • 50% block chance without glancing blows, overall ~60k more physical EHP
  • Bleed immunity, 3% max elemental res increase from Apep's Supremacy + Golden Rule
  • Use of Anomalous Desecrate/high health spectres for massive damage increase
  • Reduced CWC cooldown, improved movement speed, etc., from Torrent's Reclamation (really made the build pop once I got it)

Regarding the last point – the PoB damage of Detonate Dead's Corpse Explosion is very misleading. The base damage listed is the same as the fire spell damage listed on the gem, but that is incorrect. The actual damage is based on 6% of the health of the corpse being detonated. Badger's video and spreadsheet do a good job of explaining the massive damage increase you can get by summoning spectres with high health for Desecrate; the same strategy is used for corpses generated by the Corpsewalker boots.

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However, since Badger's video, Primal Crushclaw's were introduced into the game, giving us spectres with a 12x health multiplier. For a rough reference:

Source Life Base Damage
Gem Fire Damage 1,187
Average lvl 83 mob 24,242 1,454
Primal Crushclaw 193,932 11,635

That means that the actual damage being done by Detonate Dead's Corpse Explosion varies roughly from 20% to 980% more than what's listed in my PoB link, based on how often you can get Primal Crushclaw corpses to spawn. The 12x health multiplier is so high it actually skews Badger's spreadsheet away from selecting a second high health spectre for zones with any less than 6 or so types of corpses.

How does this function in reality? I estimate somewhere around 3-5m DPS in normal map-like areas, and 10m+ DPS in boss arena's with small or non-existent corpse pools. A8 Baran, Al Hezmin, and Veritana were deleted with 2-3 seconds of the fight starting, and I suprisingly killed Drox in under 10 seconds or so, before he could even get any minions out. Overall it's now clearing content faster than my CoS GS Champion, which i'm pretty happy about.

Some considerations for further optimization:

  • Getting a 21/23 Anomalous DD gem – doesn't exist on trade and i'm 0 for 2 on the altar so far. Would be over a 10% damage increase
  • Fitting a Transcendent Mind into the build – probably my next step after I scrounge up another 5ex
  • Running lab for a useful enchant on Eber's Unification – none exist on trade atm
  • Better rares – Gloves, amulet, and ring are just a hodgepodge of stuff i've found
  • ???
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I'd really appreciate any feedback/criticism on the build! I know i'm missing more that I could optimize; i'm hoping people here can help me push the build even further.

If there's any interest in a video, i'll see what I can do to put one together!


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