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Deterministic crafting – easy implementation and a happy medium

Content of the article: "Deterministic crafting – easy implementation and a happy medium"

Let me preface this by saying I know that there has already been a lot of feedback and many suggestions from both sides. However, after discussing this with a variety of folks I think most of what has been suggested is missing the mark for the majority of the player base in one way or another.

Also, this is coming from the perspective of a player that has played since beta and has in the past crafted at a high level either mirroring items or having mirror bases / items for sale. With that said, I still enjoyed harvest quite a bit but I do agree that many aspects of it are just far too powerful to fit into the game as it currently stands.

With that said though, I do believe that deterministic crafting has a place in the game, albeit in a diminished form. There has been a huge divide in the community between having access to items that they can equip versus having every item be 6x t1/t2 with 3 influence more.

There is a lot of room in the middle to provide everything with a bit of what they are looking for.

The solution that I am going to propose here allows players to deterministically craft certain aspects of gear, but does not allow for incredibly powerful items to be crafted unless the user also has put time into the base. Also, this would be something that under the current system could easily be implemented.

The solution:

Allow deterministic crafting of defensive stats life and ES along with resistance and resistance swapping.

These quality of life crafts allow players to better their defensive gear as they go, it will also incentivize picking up good base items that could ID as potentially useful gear.

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These crafts should be available, but not free and we will discuss that system here in a moment.

The crafts will fall into four categories:

Add, or add/remove life (does not work for influence mods)

Add, or add/remove ES (does not work with influence mods)

Add, or add/remove Res (works for each fire, cold, lightning, not chaos)

Change res for a different res.

In my opinion, the community price this league of around 20-30c per craft of this type feels about right. They shouldn’t be free, but they shouldn’t be a huge burden. The question is how to implement that in game.

How to implement it:

Since PoE already has a ‘kill map boss to get master mission’ type system, I would propose that these crafts are added on boss or guardian kills. 1 random craft per guardian kill and 2 random crafts per shaper/elder/Sirus/mastermind/lich/delve boss type kill.

This would make the crafts available, but not so overwhelmingly so that they invalidate everything else.

Each of these crafts would be added to a new crafting table, unlocked when you finish act10 for the first time. Potentially this same system could be used on leveling gear as well, with an act boss kill adding 2 crafts of any type to the device that could only be used on under ilvl 66 gear.

This not only allows for less of a ‘gamble’ feel for crafting, but creates a situation where you want to ID rares, or craft more readily since you know you will be able to fix the life/ES/resists much more easily.

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