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[Disappointed Reddit thread] Pointless rant from someone with 7k+ hours in PoE

Content of the article: "[Disappointed Reddit thread] Pointless rant from someone with 7k+ hours in PoE"

As a preface, I'm playing since open beta, skipped only 3 very early leagues. I played hardcore for first few years and playing SC since Tempest.

My comment history paints me as a total GGG shill with short fuse, but I simply enjoy the game, have understanding for their unpopular decisions and even when I find it hard to agree with some of them I can see how it's good for the game in long terms.

With that said – this league is absolutely the worst league I have ever seen. This is also the first time where I have unlimited time to play, and I'm quitting just one week in. I gave it my best, tried approaching the league from a different angle, tried to have fun with some alternate playstyles but no luck. Crafting is either convoluted, or useless. Drop rates are abysmal, there are no additional mobs, there is no additional content.

I tried focusing on crafting goals, then rare crafts got nerfed.
I fought A8 Sirus over 6 times already, but I got only 1 shot at Harvest boss.
I tried focusing on trying different builds, but why? There's no challenge in this league.
Speaking of challenges, I wanted to force myself into completing those since MTX rewards are amazing but – challenges this league are a complete and utter shitshow. This is the first time where "Endgame farming" challenge looks reasonable compared to some.

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Can we get Synthesis flashback after 4 weeks at least, so people who hated it because of it's buggy launch can get another shot at seeing how amazing it was later? Can we get more modifiers for private leagues because I'd like to slap 300% mob life since 100% does nothing? Can you actually give us crafting in a league that's 100% crafting oriented?

At this point I'll take anything since I have crapload of time, wanted to enjoy the league but it turned out to be worse than Perandus and Beastiary combined.

Just to be clear, this is the first time in seven years that I, without any doubt, think GGG messed things up big time. If we're gonna be optimistic, that's actually a great track record so there's that.


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