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[Disappointed Reddit Thread] These tabs and the way the situation is being handled is making me sad

Dear GGG, dear Community – no matter where you stand on this topic, dear Mods – have mercy on mine arse for it is muscular and golden.

The subreddit is in uproar, rightfully so. The way these tabs have been designed, the community response, and GGG's response have been less than stellar.

Aside from these tabs solving QOL issues we have been asking for for months, they did so in the worst possible way. At Exilecon, Mr. Wilson stated that they would not make us buy a ton of new currency tabs, yet here we are, it has happened. Chris has lied to us – and it hurts.

The Blight tab is imho the worst offender. Blight maps are not searchable in the map tab, oils clog up our stashes – that was the complaint. The obvious solution would have been to implement oils into the currency tab, and make blight maps searchable or separate in the map tab.
Instead we got an extra tab for Oils and Blight maps. A tab nobody asked for, that seems like it was solely made to pull more money from us.

The Metamorph tab is … just unnecessary. It fills no purpose, as metamorph parts do not swamp us anymore, like in metamorph league, and even back then a single standard tab was enough to organize them. But they contain the Catalysts, again, a type of currency we complained clogs up our tabs. Where should it have gone? The currency tab. They should have gone to the currency tab. Not in their own tab. Again, it feels like it was solely made to pull money from us.

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The Delirium Tab is maybe the only tab i can somewhat understand. There is lots of orbs (that could have gone into the currency tab, but lets ignore that for now), and the… splinters? That for some reason did not get added to the other splinters in the fragment tab? But the Fragment tab holds the Scarabs because…. what? The better solution would have been to make a scarab tab, and implement delirium orbs and splinters into the fragment tab, but i guess that wasn't possible as the scarabs were already a part of the fragment tab (ironically, so we didn't need to buy more tabs. Good old days)

Then we get an announcement of QoL changes that we all have been asking for for years. And we get told that they might come. Or not, because hey, we are just trying to calm the shitstorm. But the announcement does nothing to address the actual problem: These tabs are unneeded and should have just been integrated into the existing tabs.

Here is my issue: This is not the GGG i bought supporter packs from. I am unable to work because of my health, i live off of government support. Every Supporter pack i buy means months of saving up for me. Yet i still bought them, because i believed in this company and what they are doing. I believed in GGG making a great game, and deserving support and recognition for that. But this is not the company i supported. This is a company that ignores promises made to make a quick buck. And it's sad. I am deeply disappointed, and i do feel as if the money i have put into this game, because i believed in it, went to the wrong people. This ain't it, chief. This ain't it.

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Dear GGG, this is how you can come out of this and save face:

Remove these tabs from the game. Reimburse those sorry souls that were all jumpy enough to buy these tabs without thinkng. Integrate the QoL these tabs give into the other tabs, where they belong.

Just imagine how this day could have gone:

I could have woken up to an announcement that Oils, Delirium Orbs/Splinters and Catalysts are now part of the tabs they belong into. The subreddit would have been happy. People would have been motivated to buy supporter packs to show their support of the game and company. There wouldn't have been a shitstorm, there would have been open support and happy players. But this ain't it, GGG. This ain't it.

Bloody hell.


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