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Divine Ire Ignite Elementalist – A Tankier Version

Content of the article: "Divine Ire Ignite Elementalist – A Tankier Version"

With the new hype around DI Ignite I went ahead and sketched up a mana-based version of the build, with a focus on improving sustain and damage soaking while staying away from super expensive items.

(New pastebin with updated PoB)

(Threw in some random expensive endgame gear to see what it can potentially reach. 4.5 million ignite damage with 7k effective life).

Defensive features –

– Nearly 7.5 effective life using 40% of damage taken from mana before life.

– Sustains around 1k life per second, mainly through regen provided by The Agnostic keystone.

– A 4-linked Arcane Cloak with a duration of almost 8 seconds and a cooldown of 3 1/3 seconds, with a potential damage mitigation of just over 2,000 damage.

– 2,900 elemental damage mitigation through Bastion of Elements.

– Immunity to stun through the Unwavering Stance keystone (cause getting stunned out of your DI channeling is just the worst).

Offensive features –

– Through relatively simple Arcane Cloak scaling as well as a reasonable cluster jewel tree, attains just over 2 million ignite shaper DPS with out flasks or shock.

– Uses Storm Brand to proc EE on bosses, with a cast speed of almost 10 casts a second will take 1 second to charge DI to unleash the ignite. Ignite then lasts for 3.71 seconds, so EE uptime should be pretty good.

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– Higher end scaling available through a Malevolence Watcher's Eye, better scepters, ignite mod on boots, DoT multi on gloves, better and more efficient cluster jewels (should be able to reach around 5 milliion DPS while retaining a high effective life pool).

Movement speed is pretty slow, which will be mitigated by a well rolled Quicksilver flask when mapping, and cooldown recovery through gem quality, gem levels, and the Dark Arts passive node will allow Flame Dash to be readily available at all times.

I only put this build together yesterday and I am not an expert on mana scaling, so let me know if there are improvements to be made or if you see any potential problems with this build. Thanks!, and enjoy.

Edit: Quick change, taking Forethought instead of Dreamer (mana nodes to the left of EE) is actually better overall, less mana regen but about 200k more damage.

Edit 2: Alright, I'm a bit of an idiot and didn't think about the mana channeling cost for Archmage. Switching that out to Swift Affliction loses about 400k dps currently, but I'm working through taking out some mana regen (now that I don't have to sustain nearly as much) and reinvesting that into some damage to make up for the loss.

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Edit 3: Reinvested some passive points to reach for the Divine Fury and Wrath tree. Damage is about 150k lower than previously and we lost about 100 life regen, but everything else remains the same.


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