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Divine Ire ignite elementalist, an actually tanky version (2M shaper dps)

Welcome exiles,

There's been a lot of interest in this sub for divine ire ignite thanks to the recent elementalist rework. I've spent way too much time theorycrafting and absorbing everything people discussed here (slurp), so I thought I would share my version. (already posted it in response to another thread but I thought it deserved its own thread, and I tidied up a few things since then).

So here the focus is on survivability, because I'm really not convinced the other versions posted here are reasonable on that aspect (sorry creator of the "tankyer version", we still love you <3 ), and we should have more than enough damage anyway. I'm not sure if it is hardcore viable, but it's a lot tankier than the average softcore build at the very least.

Here's the POB before any more blabla :

So let's highlight a few things.

The gear is in the POB is not quite thrash league starter gear, but it's not a multiple mirror monster either. I plan to play this as my second character as pseudo-ssf (buying uniques if they're too hard to farm, crafting everything else). Only the 3-notables large jewel is a bit ambitious, but you really don't lose much by crafting a 2-notables one, and most of the notables are roughly equivalent damage increase in some way. I've checked that every rare is craftable in 10 to 20 tries with common fossils (except for the hunter items, that can be alt + regaled reasonably well).

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Let's move on to the defensive layers :

  • 5 to 6k life (+ .5k ES)
  • ~65ish% phys mitigation when flasks are up, through golem buff, basalt flask, rumi 3k armor and a little bit of armor on gear, + 2 things not displayed in POB : the infused channeling defensive buff and the lunaris pantheon buff when there's multiple mobs nearby.If push comes to shove without flasks and against a strong hit, you should still be around 30-35%.
  • 55/21 attack/spell block without glancing blow, from a shield + a bit of tree + some crafted block on gear + Rumi
  • ~600 to 1000 life/s through golem and tree, and some (very) small leeches with atziri flask
  • 12% action speed reduction with chill from skitterbots
  • ailment immunity from golems + ascendancy
  • a bunch of golems with meat shield to distract the mobs, %chance to taunt on hit from an abyss jewel, and natural taunt from stone golem. We have a reasonable elder helmet dedicated to keep them alive.
  • primal aegis from the ascendancy to deal with elemental damage
  • Room on gear for a lot of chaos res, since we have a f*ckton of resistances from the tree and from being an elementalist. I get to positive 50% chaos res in my POB.
  • Blind nearby enemies/ reduced damage from far away ennemies thanks to flesh and stone. Prevents us from taking unwavering stance, but it's way too strong to pass up.
  • A flexslot setup of cwdt + steelskin, and low level vaal grace just as a free panic-button, even if we don't have real synergies with it.
  • 75% stun avoidance from cinderswallow and a craft on gear. We have a lot of life, defensive layers and mitigation, + a lot of cast speed to never channel for more than a second, so it should be more than enough.
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In terms of damage, we reach 2M ignite shaper damage per second (not total ignite damage), which is really good for a dot because the uptime is much higher than with a regular hit build. You should multiply it by 2 to have a feel of what it means compared to a non-dot build.

We do use an arcanist brand with wave of conviction/combustion/flammability setup, but with multiple brand and our high cast speed it should be up all the time except against thrash. Same goes for EE from two lightning golems in malachai's artifice (ring).

We get to around 10 cast per second, which means against either a boss or multiple thrash (since divine ire gain bonus stages in both of these cases), we channel to 20 stages in one second.

For clear, we don't use a quicksilver flask, but we have flame dash + second wind and a lot of cast speed, + 30% speed from cinderswallow, and tailwind if you manage to harvest craft it. The clear should be pretty good with the ignite proliferation and the cast speed to make it smooth.

Here you go, I'm available for ideas/feedback/questions 🙂

Disclaimer : I stole a lot of ideas from other posts, so thanks redditors <3


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