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Doryani’s Prototype Support Build (-230% Lightning Resistance to nearby enemies)

Hi all,

Am here to share with you a Doryani's Prototype support build that I have been running in group play with my friends. We do 100% Delirious 3-5 man Ports and it's been completely deathless from Level 89 (when I specced into it) to Level 91. It has -230% Lightning Resistance (and thus gives all nearby enemies this level of Lightning Resistance too). It has managed to survive fine in T15 100% Delirious Tower Maps too even when after the Aurabots, Mana Guardian and Cursebot wiped. I have never seen my HP go below 40%.


Doryani's Prototype is an item that makes enemies nearby you have the exact same LRes as you. This overwrites everything, including Curses and Exposure. This is very strong if you have anything below -100% LRes, especially on Shaper level targets. Going from taking 50% reduced damage to 100% increased damage is effectively a 4x damage multiplier. If you manage to get -200% LRes, it is a 6x damage multiplier from a Shaper level target.

It also makes it so Armour mitigates Lightning damage. Armour is garbage so we don't really touch on this. It's more of a nice bonus than anything. So, the best way to scale Doryani's Prototype is to fuck up your Lightning Resistance as much as realistically possible, while staying capped on Cold and Fire resistances.

How to mitigate Lightning Damage

Obviously, if you have -200% LRes, any Lightning damage you take is going to kill you pretty much instantly. Doryani's actually treats it as if you had 0%, but that is still 4x the damage of somebody who has 75% LRes. So, we mitigate this by taking items that cause us to take no Lightning damage (obviously enough.

The best sources of this are:

  • Avian Twins Talismans, which convert 50% of Lightning damage taken from hits to Fire/Cold, depending on the base.
  • Eyes of the Greatwolf, which can roll the above Implicit combined with a doubled Implicit roll, to convert 100% of Lightning to Fire/Cold
  • Divine Flesh, which causes 50% of all Elemental damage to be taken as Chaos damage instead.

By using Eyes of the Greatwolf, or combining an Avian Twins Talisman with Divine Flesh, one can convert 100% of Lightning Damage taken from hits to Fire/Cold and Chaos. My preferred method is Divine Flesh + an Avian Twins Talisman.


The build focuses to max out on -% to LRes in as many slots as possible without forsaking too much else. We use:

  • Ventor's Gambles with the lowest possible roll to -%LRes whilst as high a possible roll to Fire and Cold resistances as possible.

  • Shackles of the Wretched. This means that when you curse an enemy with Conductivity, you curse yourself with it instead. NOTE that this does not double dip Conductivity – Doryani's Prototype will completely overwrite enemy resistances.

  • Immortal Flesh with a -25% to all Elemental resistances. It also comes with a lot of Life and Regen.

  • As many Threads of Hope as one can realistically fit on the tree. I manage to get 4 on my tree for a total of -80% LRes. Also helps us cheat on some points, here and there. If I had better Ventor's Gambles, I could get 5.

  • Ichimonji. It sounds ridiculous to use Ichimonji in party play as you it means you don't benefit from your Aurabot(+Mana Guardian)'s auras, but you do not need them for survivability (you are tanky regardless) and you are not the carry. Using Ichimonji means you can avoid Purity of Lightning and Purity of Elements which would defeat the point of your build. It also gives nice Aura effect to your own Purities (of Ice and Fire) as well as reduced Mana Reserved (RMR).

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MOST IMPORTANTLY, your Rare gear needs to fix your Attributes and your Resistances (especially Chaos Resistance). The resists get substantially easier depending on how good your Ventor's are. Please check the PoB for my rares. Dexterity can be especially hard to cap.

The Passive Tree

Please refer to the PoB again for the Passive Tree ( The main things to note are the Threads of Hope. Some Threads of Hope may look bad but remember their primary purpose is to reduce LRes, not to save skill points. So, I consider every node grabbed via Thread of Hope a nice bonus. Everything else is just grabbing Life. We also grab instant Warcry for Enduring Cry, to keep us topped on Endurance Charges.

  • Thread of Hope 1 grants me 30% increased Life, 6% reduced Mana Cost of Skills, 14% RMR and 10% increased effect of Non-Curse Auras.

  • Thread of Hope 2 grants me the Inexorable node, which comes out to ~1.8% Life Regen and Armour.

  • Thread of Hope 3 grants me a 4% RMR node. This is necessary. You can grab the Aura effect nodes if you want but I thought their bonuses to be too minor.

  • Thread of Hope 4 grants me the new 1% Max Res node on the tree. We already take Soul of Steel so this is a nice 2% Max Res, not counting our Purities of Ice and Fire. Pathing up to this also grants much needed Intelligence.

Because we struggle to cap Chaos Resistance (for Divine Flesh) and Fire/Cold resistances, I decided on Juggernaut for the Ascendancy. Combined with the tree we get 6 Endurance Charges, which gives 24% to all Resistances. Juggernaut also gives us a lot of Armour and Physical Damage Reduction, as long as Stun + pseudo-Freeze immunity. It is the only appropriate Ascendancy for the build.

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The tree also has space for one full Cluster Jewel setup.

Cluster Jewels

In the same vein of needing to get LRes as low as possible, and Chaos Resist as high as possible we look to two main things on our Cluster Jewels. These are the notable 'Tempt the Storm', which grants 25% increased Conductivity curse effect and 'Small passives have +#% to Chaos Resistance'. Tempt the Storm, of which I run two, gives me 50% more Conductivity effect. This means if a normal Level 23 Conductivity would lower my LRes by 47%, I instead lose 70.5%.

Here are my Cluster Jewels:

  • Large Cluster. Just has Tempt the Storm and Chaos Resistance. Nothing else matters.

  • Medium Cluster 1. Has Tempt the Storm. I would get Chaos Resist but I can't be bothered to rebuy it.. The Unnerve is irrelevant because Mana Guardian applies Unnerve.

  • Medium Cluster 2. Has Cry Wolf. This means that when you use Enduring Cry, you will always get at least 2 Endurance Charges (more if Juggernaut Ascendancy triggers). This means you can get your Resistances up before going into the first pack of mobs.

  • Small Cluster 1. Has Blessed. I got it on a Mana base because it was cheaper. This helps us cap Chaos Resistance. Try to get Chaos Resistance on the small node if you can, but it's not terrible if you can't. If you have enough Chaos Resistance on the other Cluster Jewels, you can even replace this for a Fettle.

  • Small Cluster 2. I take Antivenom for +1% Max Chaos Resistance. I rolled high on the Chaos Resistance on the Small Passives too, but this can be made up for on any of your Cluster Jewels, not necessarily this one.


  • Purity of Fire – Purity of Ice – Vitality – Flesh & Stone is my link containing all my auras. The purities are necessary to cap your resistances and then I just filled in the rest of my mana pool with defensive links. Sand Stance Flesh & Stone is insane surivability and also makes you a blind-bot. Vitality is just a somewhat nice to have. All 4 auras is only possible once you have Ichimonji AND all the RMR nodes on the tree, aquired with Threads of Hope. You can just drop Vitality though and run like, Arctic Armour instead if you don't have all of them.

  • Orb of Storms – Curse on Hit – Conductivity – Inc. Duration allows me to apply Conductivity to myself. I am using a +2 Shackles and a Level 21 Conductivity, to apply Level 23 Conductivity to myself. With Increased Duration it lasts around 19 seconds, which means I only have to use this once every 19 seconds to keep myself at the lowest LRes possible.

  • CWDT – Molten Shell is really strong defensively, because we are playing Jugg. I use a Basalt and a Granite flask (Rumi's) to keep my Armour up. Because the CWDT is so low level it procs extremely often, routinely giving me a Molten Shell of around ~7k that 75% of damage is taken from before my Life.

  • Shield Charge – Fortify – Inc Duration is mobility. Because you just need to stand around mobs and only Orb of Storms every 19 seconds, you can just Shield Charge around, and have 100% Fortify uptime.

  • Enduring Cry | Flame Dash | Vaal Molten Shell | Stone Golem – Blood Magic | Portal. These are all just nice to haves with the exception Enduring Cry is mandatory. We allocate instant Warcry on the skill tree. This means, if you put Enduring Cry on left click it will function as standard move-only but cast the Warcry as soon as it is off cooldown. This grants us 100% Endurance Charge uptime.

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Defenses (Sheet Hyperlinked)

If you were curious to the full defenses:

  • 83% Max Fire Resistance
  • 82% Max Cold Resistance
  • 50% of Elemental Damage converted to Chaos
  • 86% Max Chaos Resistance
  • 30,000+ Flasked Armour
  • 90% Phys Damage Reduction
  • CWDT – Molten Shell for ~6-7k Molten Shell
  • 600-700+ Life Regen
  • 40%+ Block Chance with Rumi's
  • Periodic burst healing from Enduring Cry (2000+ Regen)
  • Flesh & Stone blinds nearby enemies
  • Flesh & Stone grants 11% less damage taken from non-nearby enemies
  • 8% reduced Elemental Damage taken at max Endurance Charges (always)
  • Fortify
  • 5% reduced Damage Taken
  • Stun+Freeze immune (Ascendancy)
  • Able to push 6.5k Life with better gear


The build is not fast. It was made to do 100% Delirious content. It can't even get Haste from an Aurabot without taking off Ichimonji. It does 0 damage by itself. These maps are slow in general. Lightning DoTs of which there are literally only 4 in the game (Shaper beam, Shock & Horror map boss, Baran tiles, Sirus Storms) will instakill you.


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