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Dreamfeather has Counter-Synergy with Wind Dancer

Content of the article: "Dreamfeather has Counter-Synergy with Wind Dancer"

So while GGG is making life as a Ranger (especially Raider) even harder with their Curse changes, I think it's time to discuss some other issue that Dex characters have. I have pointed out some of them in a previous analysis here.

But in this specific thread, I want to point out, how broken many Dex / Evasion builds are, by discussing Dreathfeather. A unique Sword that is nowadays pretty old and hasn't really been buffed in forever. It's unique characteristic, is that it's Attack Damage% increases with your flat Evasion Rating.

Now when it came to the Raider Ascendancy "Avatar of the Chase", they were wise enough to word it "30% More Chance to Evade" so it would not affect your flat Evasion at all.

Wind Dancer on the other hand does NOT do that. It applies a flat 40% Less Evasion Rating. Massively reducing the potential damage of Dreamfeather.

So the thing here is that Dreamfeather is the type of item that was designed for people that want to specialise completely in stacking Evasion, while Wind Dancer is pretty much required if you want to specialise in Evasion builds. Stacking Evasion and not taking Wind Dancer would make absolutely no sense, Wind Dancer is pretty much required to offset the huge downside of Evasion, especially in the current DoT and Spell heavy position this game is in.

Dreamfeather is also a fairly weak, left behind, weapon these days. To further screw it with counter-synergy to a Key Stone I would consider required for Dex builds is just icing on the cake.

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Can we address this somehow? At least for next league?

On another note. I was actually about to recommend turning "Poacher's Mark" into an Aura, and making Gluttony reduce all of it's Mana Reservation, both to make the Belt interesting again, and because Poacher's Mark cannot compete as a curse. But now with the Curse changes that Belt is even more broken than it was before. I don't know what to say.


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