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Preface: My buddy and I wanted to try running a DPS+aurabot setup for the upcoming 3.12 league, but weren't entirely sure on how to proceed. As the title suggests, I had a few questions specifically regarding duo play. If anyone has any experience here, I'd greatly appreciate some feedback.

Experience: In terms of game knowledge, between the two of us we have about 7400 hours played. I've been playing since Essence and my friend has played since Bestiary. We've both cleared every piece of content the game has to offer and grind 36 challenges within a month every league. However, we're completely lost on where to begin regarding party play.


1) Is group IIQ in a duo even worth it? Obviously, playing in a 6-man is unquestionably unethical (i.e Empy & co.), but what happens when that IIQ scales down to 2 people? Has anyone noticed a significant difference in loot per hours played when running as a duo over the span of a week or two to justify the split loot? Both of us being relatively experienced players, duo play would have to be more worthwhile than if we we were both just doing our own thing.

2) How does the carry (my friend) build in a duo? The obvious answer is running something like a jugg or zerker with MF + TS /RoA/LA, but is it really that simple? I've seen a few of Snap's vids on the subject, but I feel like some of the nuanced details can't really be applied to a duo due to lack of active role participants.

3) As a caveat to question 2, will the aurabot (myself) be able to cover all the defensive bases the carry lacks in a duo if the carry goes full MF without a third participant such as a mana guardian?

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4) I've never leaguestarted as an aurabot before, so whats the general go-to-leveling strat? SRS? Smite? Level as something else entirely and respec? I've played both an aurabot and cursebot before, but those were always 2nd or 3rd builds once I've already established my atlas and have the funds for the necessary uniques/gems/leveling gear. As for ascendancy, should I be sticking to the tried and true scion or run something like a necro for ease of leaguestarting?

5) If we were to add a third member (we have another friend who plays, but not as actively), what would be the most beneficial? Mana guardian? Single target carry? Cursebot?

Conclusion: Those are the only questions I could think of right now and I appreciate anyone who has actually read through this wall of text. Feel free to shoot some further things to consider if you can think of any. I'll continue to be doing my own research and may throw in a couple of edits if I think of anything else, but again, would really appreciate some tips from anyone who has run a duo leaguestart before.


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