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Earthshatter Blade Vortex Pure Phys Battlemage Inquisitor POB

Content of the article: "Earthshatter Blade Vortex Pure Phys Battlemage Inquisitor POB"

No flasks up, Max (half) block, 50% (half) spell block, 10k+ ehp, cheap to get started (just need a breath of the council or similar single hit mace). Something really nice about this build is enduring cry will apply to both your health and energy shield, and you will constantly be getting those off. You do kinda need an astramentis to get going with blade vortex due to the dex requirement but blade vortex shouldn't be really required until you desperately need every bit of dps you can get. Plus you can just get dex on the tree, you can get three big +30 nodes.

Pure phys impale earthshatter – 1.56 mil initial hit dps

4l Blade vortex – ~1mil dps

Most of the dps is from earthshatter but blade vortex is not a bad supplement to your dps. I'm thinking of using earthquake instead for big impales that will be "smoothed" out by the quick blade vortex hits.

The POB does include an astramentis, light of lunaris, glorious vanity, and cyclopean coil. These are all BOS but can be swapped for other stuff in the meantime while grinding for currency, they are by no means integral to the build, they just add a decent amount of damage. The astramentis can be swapped for a decent amulet, the cyclopean coil can be replaced by a replica soul tether until you have both the cyclopean coil and the doryani Glorious Vanity. The light of lunaris can be swapped for a Redblade Banner, allowing you to spec out of some warcry nodes for efficiency.

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Shaper's touch is BOS for gloves too, I just didn't expect that to really be available at league start so I didn't include it.

Keep in mind that this build is basically an earthshatter build until the pieces start really coming together.

For ascendancies, you go Instruments of Virtue, Sanctuary, Pious Path, and Righteous Providence, in that order. If you already have your gear, I would go both Instruments of Virtue and Righteous Providence as the first two.

Improvements upon the build include a better single hit mace/scepter, somehow squeezing in vitality and kaom's ways to sustain righteous fire for more Blade Vortex damage.

Lots of buttons to press though, very active playstyle.

EDIT: I made a mistake, dread banner should be blood and sand because you can't run two banners without Perfidy


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