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Ele-Hit or highest DPS builds with lowest level of investment?

TL;DR: Can't afford a 200ex boss-killer build, want a 10-30ex one that has at least 10m DPS at that budget, can be squishy, but it has to absolutely be able to clear all content in 6 portals. Bonus points if it can fit Inspired Learnings/HH for farming 100% Deli. Would prefer a single-button build, but not mines.

I'm finishing my challenges anyway and preparing to start farming currency, but still want something to farm bosses from time to time.

So what I'm looking for:

  1. Highest DPS-to-Ex-spent ratio with entry point of 10ex and potential for 100m+ with min-maxing.
  2. Reasonable defenses, still max res obviously, some dodge/evade – something to keep me alive if I lag during boss phasing etc.
  3. All of this on a 10ex budget to get going, doesn't have to work from lvl70 or whatever though, I can level characters reasonably fast to around 85 and to 90-95 if absolutely necessary (plus have a stockpile of leveled failed builds).
  4. Bonus: if this can also clear 100% Deli maps with Inspired Learnings/HH active.
  5. Bonus: if there is there is culling, shortening last phases of bosses like Sirus would be really good.

In the words of our lord and savior Jousis: If it can clear all content in 6 portals it doesn't need more defenses, it needs more damage.

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So far I see following options:

  1. Mines – glacial cascade or whatever, think there are even some actually tanky miner builds?
  2. Traps – this would be even better than mines for me since its 1-button, but not sure if they do as much damage.
  3. Elemental Hit? – I see a lot of high DPS character on with Ele hit.
  4. Frost Blades – this seems implausible and those are probably just god-gamers doing their god-gamer shit, but they seem to be present in day-6 snapshots and onward even – lots of characters doing some stupid damage.

I'm mainly curious about 3 and 4, if I can get a 1-button build with high DPS potential, even if I have to pay upfront cost of 10ex+, I'd be cool with that.

If this kind of thing requires bigger budget, please suggest that as well.


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