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Elementalist needs an obvious rework

Content of the article: "Elementalist needs an obvious rework" has empirical evidence that Elementalist in her current iteration is not even an effective elemental spell-user (of any casting type):

The most commonly-used spell with the Elementalist (among the top-ranked players at least) is Ball Lightning at only 4%, and practically all of them rely on a Cast while Channeling setup with Cyclone! The next most commonly-used spell is Arc at a mere 1%.

Right now, Elementalist is basically the junior golem-using minion user to Necromancer, her cousin who has 4x as many users and whose two primary playstyles (corpses and minions) are equally used. Something is really wrong with this ascendency if even top-ranked players are generally not picking Elementalist to play elemental spells.

To add insult to injury, I removed Necromancer from the statistics (because they skew the statistics by representing a quarter of the top-ranked player base) and looked at which elemental spells are the most widely-used and who uses them:!Necromancer

Here's the top 5 most used elemental spells and the ascendency class that uses them the most:
1. Ice Nova (8% of non-Necromancers) — Assassin (93%)
2. Ball Lightning (8% of non-Necromancers) — Saboteur (46%)
3. Storm Brand (5% of non-Necromancers) — Assassin (85%)
4. Vortex (2% of non-Necromancers) — Occultist (73%)
5. Arc (2% of non-Necromancers) — Ascendant (32%; among them only 50% picked the Witch Ascendency) and Guardian (22%)

In other words, Elementalist is not even a competitive option for using elemental spells compared to classes that do not obviously specialize in spells, much less specifically elemental spells.

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Now, I know that maybe these statistics are a little misleading because Elementalist can focus on elemental damage in general and not just spells, so here are the top 5 most used elemental attacks among non-Necromancers:
1. Ice Shot (2% of non-Necromancers) — Deadeye (86%)
2. Sorry, I cannot go on because the next highest elemental attack is Elemental Hit at 0.6% of non-Necromancers, and even then Elementalist comes in at only 5th at 9% representation for Elemental Hit.

What about conversion? Here are the top 5 physical attacks and spells that could in theory be converted to pure elemental damage and their biggest users:
1. Cyclone (18% of non-Necromancers) — and after excluding Cast on Critical/Channelling triggers, the biggest users are Slayer, Gladiator, and Champion (83% total); including those triggers, the single biggest user is Assassin (53%)
2. Blade Vortex (8% of non-Necromancers) — Assassin (74%)
3. Barrage (3% of non-Necromancers) — Deadeye (74%)
4. Split Arrow (2% of non-Necromancers) — Gladiator (90%)
4a. Lacerate is skipped because it is a bleed-based attack
5. Power Siphon (2% of non-Necromancers) — Assassin (63%)

Finally, Heralds as main skills, because Elementalist does have a Herald ascendency line:
Herald of Ash: Negligible usage (7 users on the list, none of them Elementalists; ironically 4 Occultists, who seemingly have zero synergy with the Herald of Ash, are using it as a main skill)
Herald of Ice: Negligible usage (4 users on the list, none of them Elementalists)
Herald of Thunder: Used by 2% of non-Necromancers, and among this subset only has 2% representation among Elementalists

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I hope these statistics make clear that Elementalist is absolutely atrocious at what she does. Please rework her. For a start, please at minimum rework her 2-point nodes Shaper of Desolation and Pendulum of Destruction. Their power is simply non-existent, which effectively makes those two lines extremely expensive 4-pointers to get to the useful end nodes. Even then, the power of those 4-point nodes are questionable compared to the power available to other ascendencies from their own 4-point nodes.


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