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[Elementalist] Shaper of Storm + Shaper of Winter will create some very fun builds.

Content of the article: "[Elementalist] Shaper of Storm + Shaper of Winter will create some very fun builds."

Alright, the goal of the post is not to talk about one build specifically, just to talk about what you may do with just these two notables and low investment. Meaning you could almost always add them in any elementalist build.

Shaper of storm is making you shock with any hit, with a minimum shock at 15%, and increasing it by 25% more if your hit dealt mostly lightning.

Shaper of Winter is the same with chill, except that it's 50% more if the highest part was cold, and raise the chill cap to 40%.

Most people were thinking "yeah, it's very good, but it's not THAT insane, is it?"

Allow me to change your mind.

Let's say you combine these different things:

-Algor mortis (few c gloves)

– A bit of lightning damage on spells (You have to beat 32-47 cold damage)

-Stormweaver with the cold ailment node in the tree (not mandatory, but it's neater)

-A 4L composed of Anomalous Cold snap, Divergent lightning pen, bonechill and unbound ailment.

Not a big investment overall, right?

When you will press cold snap, several things will happen:

-Your main damage will be lightning, so you will shock for 15%* 1,25 (highest damage) * (1 + 0.2 (node in tree) + 0.2 (algor mortis) +0.2 (quality lightning pen) + 0.34 (unbound ailment) = 36% shock.

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-You are still chilling the enemy because shaper of Winter. The chill will be 15% * (1 + 0.44 (Bonechill) +0.34 (unbound ailment) + 0.2 (Algor mortis) + 0.3 (node in tree) + 0.39 (cold snap) = 40% chill.

-Since your opponent is in a chilled area, because of algor mortis, you deal 35% increased lightning damage taken to him. With shock, that's 71% increased lightning damage taken.

-Since your opponent is in a chilled area (again), because of bonechill, you deal 40% increased cold damage taken to him. With shock, that's 76% increased damage taken. Oh, and if you are using a cold dot, you do another 29% to him, for a total of 105%.

-Since your opponent is in a chilled area (again²), because of algor mortis, you are now able to sap him, reducing the damage he does. If you are playing a lightning build, even without ailment supports, you have 20% (algor mortis) + 20% (stormweaver) = 40% increased effect of ailment * 1.25 (shaper of storm) = 75% increased sap effect, for free!

That, just because you pressed one buttons with one pair of gloves equipped. That combo has a very high dps potential (+70-75% more damage overall), very high defensive potential (40% chill + sap), and is quite easy to piece up (the heist gems aren't mandatory, but give 20% chill and shock effect). And you still have 2 ascendancy points free, so you can either get the exposure buff and the more elemental/aoe notable, go golem, or pick the shield. Your call.

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And it also allow you to use a fun cluster notable probably nobody used seriously before, Stormrider, which allows you to be capped in power charges very easily (on top of 25% cold and lightning damage).

The combo has also a very wide range of usage: It can be used on almost any cold (including dot builds! I think elementalist is a serious contender to occultist now) and lightning build, but also on stuff like wild strike (as it highly increases the cold AND lightning damage at the same time) or voidforge, etc etc.

You can even use it in some minions cold conversion builds. You remove algor mortis (as you don't need the increased lightning damage and the sap), and with the golems notables, you get 270% increased carrion golem buff effect. Combined to the 70% increased cold damage taken effect (by comparaison, a build using skitterbot + bonechill only get 35% and must reserve 42% of his mana), you may compete against necromancers in builds like arakaali, AW, etc.

It also makes for very decent supports, as you can also get the bonus exposure and the increased aoe for large debuffs.


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