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Exalt prices in Harvest (not a rant)

Content of the article: "Exalt prices in Harvest (not a rant)"

This is not a rant (promise). Just an interesting thought.

Take a look at the historical price of an exalt compared to chaos.
Using this nifty tool
We see that:
I'm disregarding the start of the league crazy graph start because… Well, it's the start of a league. It's gon be weird.

In the middle of the league after things are less hectic, the price hovers around ~175c consistently over Blight, Legion, Metamorph and Delirium.

The prices are fairly volatile though, going as low as 110c in early metamorph and as high as 205c in early blight.

Now if we look at Harvest:

You can see that the price has been much more consistent with almost no large dips or jumps (apart from league start, of course).
The prices have been hovering consistently between ~170c and ~130c

Now, what I really want to know is… Why?
With harvest granting the ability to use targeted exalts for almost no investment, why have exalt prices stayed so consistently high?

Consistency in general makes sense, essentially because people are not slamming the hell out of exalts on gear, it's more of a fiat currency. Something to use because trading 1000c+ is not feasible every time you want to buy something expensive.
But why has it stayed at roughly the same price as past leagues?
You would think that with harvest crafting and purchasable crafts through TFT (such as aug life being ~20-50c) the demand for exalts would be lower.
Sure, we would still use it as a fiat currency, but people selling stuff for exalts would have nothing to do with said exalts other than… Buy other things. Buy targeted augs from people running harvest services. But the exalts have to go somewhere? Surely there'd be a surplus of exalts that people wouldn't be randomly slamming because god forbid you put a mod you cant annul with harvest and brick your gear.

Read:  My guess about 3.12. This will define if I must keep working as a researcher or not.

If I told you that next league there will be a mechanic to mirror gear that would also guaranteed randomly improve a single mod on the mirrored copy, what would you think would happen to the price of mirrors?
I sure as hell wouldn't expect the price to remain the same.

Now I'm curious if the exalt price will be more volatile next league, same as it was in previous leagues before harvest. Because there was actual demand in using exalts, not just trading them.


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