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Feedback on the new Delve from someone that just hit 1000 depth

So a little bit about myself: I try and do Delve every league and challenge myself to be the near the top in my Ascendency. This league

. This may look familiar to a post you've seen before about a forbidden Delve build, that was also me. The other two Witch ascendencies have clear paths to defensive strengths so it's no surprise that they were some of the first to hit 1k, but without as much of a defensive focus in the Elementalist ascendency there were fewer peers. It was fun to puzzle out how to hit the 1k mark and I'm happy I did it, but I feel ultimately there is little incentive for players to continue paste 500 and I'll explain why below.

  • The good, Delve reward changes: If you haven't Delved this league, it's the best it has ever been as a supplimental source of income. It's not going to crank out the same money as MF tower farming or Nem3, but they added Resonator Troves(4 socket resonators) and Condensed Gem(cluster jewel, primarily in cities) as a rare chest reward to nodes now. Previously you could only get 4 socket resonators behind walls and cluster jewels were unavailable. Coupled with hitting lvl 83 zones sooner(~150), rare fossil nodes being more common, and the damage scaling not absolutely bricking every build makes the accessibility fun and interesting to see how you can push builds and you don't feel like you wasted time while doing it.

  • The bad, loot scaling and gear drops: First off, reward chests behind fractured walls seem to stop scaling around 500 depth. It's not fun to pop a wall at 900 and get the same number of fossils just like you found at 500. Delve also still has a problem with reward chests only dropping item level 83 max gear. Every other mechanic has mechanisms to get higher ilevel gear, but unfortunately there is no such thing for Delve. That means if you find a really cool item with a Delve only affix, you have to either jump through a lot of serious hoops with beast crafting to get the best mods added or just accept that it can never be perfect.

  • The Ugly; The return of darkness farming: Do you remember what Delve league was like? Running the same paths for fossils? Well it's back. Only this time you can get resonators, azurite, or currency as well. What I mean specifically is starting at 500 depth, very rarely you will come across a biome with the modifier "All side paths contain only X". To explain how broken this is, once you find a good path you can harvest quite a few resonators in an hour. I'm all for bringing some rewards back to Delve but this one felt misguided. Darkness farming was nuked for a reason and bringing it back in an even stronger form than before feels really strange. They've also added a special mod at 1000 depth which is 1% drop rate of fossils on enemies but I haven't had time yet to go looking for it.

Overall, I think the changes to Delve are good for the layman, but anyone who spends serious time in Delve is better off staying under 1k depth. The sulphite cost : reward ratio doesn't justify pushing ultra deep like it used to and the new changes primarily help those who visited Delve as a secondary activity.


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