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Field of View (FOV) and its effects have a negative impact on the game

Content of the article: "Field of View (FOV) and its effects have a negative impact on the game"

In Path of Exile, your field of view limits what you can see and what is rendered on the map. It seems there is a lot going on in the background that disables elements that are far away from the player. However, this seems to have a serious negative impact on the game and I would like to illustrate that by providing some examples:

  • Heralds of the Obelisk don't despawn – Heralds of the Obelisk are totems that are spawned by Magic enemies with the bloodline modifier of the same name. They are somewhat deadly to most characters due to their high damage output. If you move away from them and they are out of your field of view, they do not despawn. As a result, if you backtrack on a map, dashing and blinking your way enjoying the beautiful wheather of Wraeclast, you might suddenly find yourself in a group of totems not hesitating to blast you to pieces.
  • Misplaced waypoint minimap icon in hideouts – If you enter a hideout of a particular type and the owner moved the position of their waypoint to a place so that the waypoint of the previous hideout of the same type that you visited is out of the field of view of this new waypoint, the map shows two waypoints on the map. The wrong indicator is removed once you approach it and reveal the relevant map part.
  • Misplaced Alva minimap icon in temple – If you die in The Temple of Atzoatl, the map shows the last position of Alva, even though she is teleported to you once you re-enter the temple. The indicator is removed once you move close enough and it comes into your field of view.
  • Conqueror spawn effects do not disappear – If a conqueror spawns in a map, a small effect is placed with them entering the map themselves and talking to you. This effect doesn't despawn if you move away and the effect is out of your field of view, so if you return much later, the effect is still there and despawns eventually if it remains in your field of view.
  • Blighted Dreadwheels don't move from spawner – Blighted Dreadwheel are a typer of enemies in Blighted Maps that spawn from Lightning Spawners. They are supposed to stalk the player once they get too close to them. However, if their spawn point is far away from the pump and outside the field of view of the player, they never move away from the spawner itself. Something was supposedly fixed in 3.10.1f in Delirium forcing them to follow the path, if I recall correctly, but is still a issue that they don't move at all if they are outside your field of view never having left the spawner. Interestingly, Blighted Dreadwheels appear to be the only enemy type in Blighted Maps that have this issue. Other enemies move, whether they are in your field of view or not.
  • Blight Spawner minimap icons aren't updated – If you defeat all enemies of a spawner in a Blighted Map, its path is greyed out and the spawner is replaced by Blight Chests withr ewards. However, the minimap icons do not reflect this and still show the spawners instead of the reward chests. This is relevant because as of 3.12.3c, there is a bug that paths of a spawner are marked as completed while enemies are still walking it, creating the false illusion that the path is cleared and safe. On a side note, I literally lost a Blighted Map to this because I thought I was safe with paths being marked as clear, so I moved to paths not being clear and the enemies from the supposedly safe path hit my pump and destroyed it.
  • Blight Towers stop attacking, enemies keep moving – It seems that Blight Towers in Blighted Maps stop attacking once they are not in your field of view . I noticed thisseveral times when I returned to the Purification Pump after blinking through the maps to clear out remaining enemies and once, for instance, half a dozen white enemies were closely approaching it. Now it is not too uncommon for an enemy to slip through here and there, but they were the only enemies close to the pump and within the targetting range of around three Meteor Towers and at least two Scout Towers, so it feels quite off.
  • Heist patrols minimap icon is misplaced – In Heists and Grand Heists, you can encounter patrols which is a pack of Magic enemies accompanied by a Rare enemy, usually. If you have Nenet in your team, she displays an icon for each patrol on the minimap. However, this icon is weirdly misplaced most of the time. Often, there is no patrol where the icon is. If the icon is supposed to follow the patrol, I believe that because the patrol moves even if it is not in your field of view, but the icon doesn't update while it is not in your field of view or doesn't get activated, it loses its link to the patrol.

If you read through all these points, you will notice that most of these points are merely quality of life (QoL) issues, with few having an actual impact on the gameplay itself. However, these are certainly not all issues related to field of view and in a sum, all these issues have a notable impact on the experience when playing this game. Do you have other examples that are related to the field of view of your character?


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