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First timer feeling a little lost with build, gear and how the Atlas works. Any advice is appreciated.

I would like some help with my zombie/skeleton summoner build. I am fairly new to this, so bear with me:

A couple of things here: Firstly I have no idea how cast when damage taken is supposed to work. I have it on my weapon with stuff like enfeeble and frost wall. It never seems to proc with regularity, or only when i'm about about to die. Isn't CWDT supposed to proc when I first start taking damage? How can I get it to do this if that's how it should ideally work? Does CWDT come with different RNG rolls on when it'll activate? It actually sounds like an unreliable headache. Should I even bother using it?

I have no idea what end-game styled gear I should be looking for. I read Astramentis is a good amulet for my build. Someone also suggested a convoking wand with good minion stats. Should I be fixing to get my hands on the Baron helmet? What about Alberon's Warpath for boots? Should I bother with Victarios Charity as a shield?

As you can see, my build is very "new." I just reached the end game. Can someone explain to me what I should start with doing on the Atlas? I don't understand any of it and when I watch youtube videos, they're all 30 minutes long and they talk like you should already know what you're doing. I have no idea where to start when it comes to the Atlas. You can see me using the Tabula Rasa, should I prioritize finding a chest-piece with those socket colors first? Which one is nice for my build?

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People have said "capping my resistances" is important. Forgive my naiveness, what do they mean by this?

I read low level delves starting around monster level 60 is a good place to start farming currency, however I get insta-killed pretty quick that deep, still. So I dunno if I should try those.

My skills are pretty normal sounding for my build. Skeletons, Vaal Skeletons, Zombies. I read Haste and Skitterbots are good, problem is they take huge chunks out of my mana. I don't know what I should be using in their place. I tried the Merciless ascendency trial where I blinked and was basically dead during my first visit against Izaro. I am guessing I should wait a bit before trying that again, lol.

This game is weird. I can plow through a few of the "tier 1" maps I've tried. However sometimes, randomly I'll just get insta-killed out of nowhere. Dunno if the game is being wack, but it's probably my build. I am clueless here and now that I am in endgame have no idea where to start. I wish the game gave better instructions for newer/less experienced players.


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