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Flame Wall Hierophant (750k total sDPS ignite) – Give it a look over

Content of the article: "Flame Wall Hierophant (750k total sDPS ignite) – Give it a look over"

My try at a build for next league. Several trees there, but the 3 most important are 108/123/123+cluster. Item sets are Naked (staff + 2 rings) and semi scuffed (full items, but not min maxed). Only ticks are Enemy Ignited, Fire Exposure, And Fortify. I use a semi decent jewel as a placeholder, but it isn't too crazy (4% fire dot, %max life, double res). Clusters are a bit of a trek so I tried to max it out before putting them in.

Naked, at 108 points on tree, fireball+flame wall do 750k sDPS ignite.

Naked at 123 does a little over 1m.

Naked at 123 + clusters push it to 1.35m.

It's got Elusive from the tree, and fortify through Leap Slam (as my movement). It's hybrid, comes out at about 4.5k hp and 2.5k ES when fully kitted out. Ailment immune through Hiero tree. Double curses applied through Wave of conviction. Two essence worms for auras (zealotry and malevolance), along with herald of ash. Precision for extra crit (Zealotry consecrated ground helps too) because i'm relying on fireball itself to proc EO. It sits at 12% crit, going up to 18% with that conc ground.

I worry it might 1) not proc EO enough and 2)give me carpal tunnel, though. Seems my playstyle will be Leap Slam into a boss, wave of conviction in their face, flame wall, and pop fireballs. Rinse and repeat. That's 4 skills to get the most out of it.

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EHP with equipment is only about 15k physical max hit taken. With some utility flasks, I can push it to about 60% phys mitigation, and put it up to 44k max phys hit taken.

Overall, I tried to strip it as bare as possible. let me know if yall see anything or have any comments. One thing I considered was it can probably do some cool things with chaos ignite -> new ring and wouldn't need too much change to try stuff out. Drop zealotry, respec the extra curse into the nodes below it for chaos dot.



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