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For Science – Grasping Mail’s “Chance for Minions to Poison 60%” Mod build

So I had the opportunity to grab an 6 link Grasping mail with this mod and Envy and thought that it seemed like a rather fun idea to put together a build that would make use of this!

Putting together my notes / thoughts on it after leveling it up to capture some relevant use cases for the future as this build shined in some respects but that's more so for other factors than what I built it for.

The notable feature of that mod is that with a Lesser Poison Gem, any minion link reaches 100% chance to poison. Add in Divergent mod and the gem gives a respectable amount of base chaos damage and 20% more damage with hits. This also unlocks Vile Toxins as a potential Minion Gem which gives a total of 50% more damage along with more poison damage or Vicious Projecticles is your minion is ranged.

Of note, I did this with a Necro/Guardian Scion cause i already had her leveled up, but ideally i would go back and make a necro or a guardian for this build.

At first I explored using skeletons and Iron Mass + Chaos conversion but found that Iron mass was way to much of a liability in scaling.

Second version had Arakali's Fang + Skeletons. This one worked decently thanks to the boon of being able to add withering support to the Raise Spiders + the sheer number of minions you can have on the field. This build also uses a great Bricked Glimpse of Chaos with the 80% reservation implicit to be able to Reserve a Herald of Purity with a psuedo 5 link. I randomly tossed in Summon Phantasms cause of colors to amp up more minions + poison hits. This build was relatively successful. Damage seems to be there with upwards of 3 mil damage if I bump up to 20/20 no awakened gems and a scuffed clusters. PoB :

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My last idea is Soulwrest. You lose the option for Life Gain on Block, but you can hit 75%/25% block with a Rumi's ( no glancing blows and needs a block on body chant ) . Which is really helpful for Ultimatums. Soulwrest gets you 21 ranged minions pumping out poison procs. of note, they do spells not attacks so vicious projectiles is unfortunately not an option. This also lets you have a spare 6 link which you could combine with another set of minions. ( skeles or zombies most likely or even HoP ) you can still cyclone cwc to proc an offering an summon the minions. ( or any other consumption effect like Devouring Diadem )

Overall, does it really make any difference to be able to have minions poison reliably? probably not. No multiplier is kinda of a bummer. Can just really scale impale affect if you just stayed pure phys with impale support ( though you can combine the two somewhat ). Nor does it have the scary scaling you see with cold conversion as you're reliant on chaos or phys and you need a solid amount of base damage.

That said, you can get a sheer number of poison procs thanks to the bevy of minions + tons of attack speed buffs you can get for them soooo there might be something there? At one point I had 20 spiders (who already viper strike), 12 skeles, 4 HoP bros, 10 phantasms, 2 golems, and a random assortment of wolves ( jorgin's neck enchant).

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Last note, speaker's wreath means you always get the killing blow on monsters since poison damage counts as yours which could be notable for guaranteeing you get the proc / kill effect. means you gotta give up a valuable head slot though.


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