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For science: Update on Grasping Mail “minions chance to poison” build

Following up on this sucker with some cleaned up build and some modifications thanks to fellow builders. Part 1 here :


Swapped build to necro to clean up the build. 4 points left over to move into a cluster or reservation nodes. Guardian might be better for this to be honest to scale Envy aura.

Amanamu's Gaze has been incorporated into the build for 30% damage over time multi. Of note, it's not calculated in the PoB so not sure what the overall affect is cause am to smooth brained to math it out.

Tested with Animate weapon and with this build you can get roughly up to a 56 sec duration which isn't to bad at all. with either the alt qual or the head enchant you can get enough duration where it doesn't feel to bad. Needs to self cast ethereal or bf though for comfort or self cast the offering. I actually liked Animate weapon cause of the easier to reach minion limit compared to skeles even if a bit tedious.

Moved towards Aul's as the reseravation for envy. Better than the default one in the chest but you can do without it. The main reason for it though is to allow for Aspect of the spider from Fenumus gloves. Though am not sure if the damage with hits and ailments applies to minions? if not then regular redeemer gloves + pride to go along envy should be fine.

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Slapped a Carrion Golem into a Brinerot, but honestly you really just need the unset ring for the space. could be any gem. also slapped in Raise spectres for Apes and their Charges

on the offense side (sirus dps BEFORE 30% dot multi/ most gems only level 20 no qual) :

20 spiders at 200k each = 4 mil

15 Animate weapon at 400k each (60k is poison) – 6 mil

4 HoP at 360k – 1.440 mil


5.7k HP

75/32 glancing blows with life gain on hit


Endurance charges on block

crap ton of minion bodies

blind on hit

taunt on hit

So not terrible?! definitely usable in softcore. the amount of effort though may not be worth compared to just scaling impale or scaling a cold conversion build, along with being a hard to get mod on a already difficult to get chest piece that needs to be 6 linked… That said interesting pieces coming together.


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