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For those who actually liked Elementalist this league: my Harvest build (CoC Bladefall/Blade Blast w/perma RF)

Content of the article: "For those who actually liked Elementalist this league: my Harvest build (CoC Bladefall/Blade Blast w/perma RF)"


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Build Concept:

Tl;dr – 9 golems, CoC sword, Bladefall + Blade blast, and enough life regen+max fire resistance to comfortably run RF as a buff.

I love Elementalist, and ever since the release of the new golem nodes I've loved the idea of using Golems as buffs, not as minions. I am not the best player mechanically, and find that life / ES regen is one of the best main defensive layers that works for my playstyle. Last league, I had a ton of fun playing a CoC/spellslinger bladefall/blade blast build as an assassin, but as a poison build.

Ultimately, I wanted to create an Elementalist that maximized the naturally high life regen from stone golems and involved bladefall and blade blast, but in a non-poison way. This build is very closely related to a top Elementalist build I found on which has since disappeared (too many level 100 Carrion Golem builds), but with some twists mainly in the defenses to pump up the life regen.

I should note that the build probably could perform better in some aspects (I don't have attack speed on my weapon, nor tailwind on my boots, or CDR on my belt, more on that later), but the build performs all content extremely well without any of that so I'm still satisfied.



  • The build utilizes the great synergy between bladefall and blade blast, two AOE phys damage spells which can scale in very similar ways, and buff each other's damage (bladefall's blades lead to more blade blasts, which unnerve the enemy increasing all damage taken).
  • I convert all physical damage to fire with Avatar of Fire, a glove craft, and the Magmatic Strikes nodes. I gain significant phys damage as extra fire damage as well, from my weapon and heralds .
  • I generate 4 Frenzy, 3 Power, 5 Endurance, and 5 Inspiration Charges from my chest, Assassin's mark ring, Smashing Strikes keystone, and gem links respectively.
  • I have >400% crit multi from a variety of sources, 79% attack crit with flasks, 96% spell crit with flasks
  • My defenses allow me to permanently run Righteous Fire and I also have Vaal Righteous Fire for extra burst.
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I don't actually know how much DPS I do because math is hard w/CoC builds but it is enough to (slowly) make my way through 100% delirium t16 maps and melt Conquerors in a couple of seconds, so take that as you will. If someone wants to figure that out with the PoB, be my guest!



  • ~5900 life at level 98
  • 2211 base life regen with charges up (2414 with flasks)
  • 1219 net life regen w/RF and charges up (1423 with flasks)
  • 54% phys damage reduction (69% with flasks, nice)
  • some amount of attack/spell dodge from elusive
  • 257 life leech + 13 life gain per spell hit (likely capping life leech at 1178)
  • 82% Fire / 76% Cold / 76% Lightning / -32% Chaos Resistance
  • 11% of phys damage taken as cold (from chest)
  • perma fortify from weapon


Required Gear:

The big "problem" with golem buff elementalist builds is that the golems are not immortal. Mine are pretty tanky, but still die to things like sandstorms in delve at 400+ depth, Sirus die beam, and Minotaur slams. The #1 piece of gear you need then is a helm with "trigger socketed spells when you focus" craft, with 4 of your 5 golem types socketed inside. This allows you to quickly resummon 4 golems in a single cast, and I rarely found myself in situations where my golems were insta-killed often enough to run into focus cooldown problems

I also recommend getting one with +3 to minion levels and minion life as well. The craft is cheap, but +3 minion helms with other good affixes are not. This was maybe the only piece of gear I didn't craft myself, though.

You will also eventually need a shaped 2hand weapon that you can craft "socketed gems are supported by cast on critical strike" on, but you can get by with the gem itself while leveling. Ideally your sword should look like mine, but with attack speed instead of the +1 frenzy charge. long story short, when I was rolling my sword, I accidentally landed on fortify + crit + frenzy on a chaos roll, and decided to just keep the suffixes as is.


Gearing/rough harvest techniques:

  • The sword is pretty easy to craft after you get the fortify on melee hit affix. the phys->fire conversion and both crit crafts can be targeted easily. In future leagues, you'll probably want to prioritize CoC + fortify before anything else.

  • The belt was entirely harvest crafted by spamming life crafts and then finishing out with resists and slamming global phys aug.

  • The boots were a Redeemer/Crusader awakener orb that I then target crafted life and max fire resistance onto, for the extra buffer against righteous fire. it is unlikely to get good mods besides the awakened mods post-harvest. For more dps, you can get CDR on the belt and do hunter+crusader or hunter+shaper for tailwind+CDR, but I prefered the defense of the elusive+CDR+max fire res combo over that, and didn't have room for CDR on my belt while also maintaining resists. This is all assuming the CDR breakpoint math works out, which I personally don't understand / have the patience for!

  • The rare ring was pure harvest crafting. I started with a t1 crit essence for multi, and then two crit augs guarantee crit chance and assassin's mark. I had an extra reduced reflected damage taken that I didn't really want, but couldn't cleanly remove. Preferably, you can forgo crit chance for an extra resistance, but I was not that lucky. life gain on spell hit and flat life were harvest crafts as well.

  • Similar harvest techniques were used on my single abyss jewel in my belt. start with three good affixes (in my case, life and resists, then regaled a crit mod), then add/remove phys and add/remove crit until I landed what I was after.

  • I purchased my helmet, chest, herald of ash ring, and gloves. The gloves are still missing an add/remove influenced mod step, I've whiffed twice in a row on 2 out of 5 good warlord mods for my build (spell damage or +1 frenzy charge would be great). The gloves and boots are where I make up all of the missing dexterity on my tree, but it could feasibly fit on a ring instead of crit chance, but it's harder to roll around the other crafts.

  • The neck is as simple as getting lucky with a temple double-corrupt 😀

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  • This build cannot do no-regen maps, unless you have a mana flask, but I hate mana flasks
  • cannot do ele reflect
  • low recovery / ele weakness maps are fine, but you have to turn RF off
  • at 475+ depth, double-damage mods and chaos clouds on delve nodes are starting to get pretty rippy

I played this build all the way to 98, my highest level ever, and nearly 500 delve depth, my deepest depth ever. I even killed the final boss of a temp league for the first time that I can remember. Harvest always gave me one extra thing to work on on my gear, and even though it isn't the CoC build to end all CoC builds, I was able make my character perfect for what I wanted it to do. I'll miss Harvest and miss this build, I hope yall enjoy the concept.


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