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Forbidden Rite League Start build showcase!

Hi all,

I've spend the better part of a day and a half going over all the info for Forbidden Rite and seeing how I can make this as a viable build. I think I've come a long way and would appreciate anyone's feedback. If you'd like me to flesh this out more I'd be happy to.


Use Contagion in a three link until you get Soulrend.

Soulrend / Blight until Second lab (switch to Forbidden rite with 76% chaos res (60% from Withering Presence, 66% from tree and 10% from gear – sustain with (1) pots, (2) Enduring Cry and could use Life Leech support).


The build stacks life to get to around 7.5k life and more with investment. That's 900 Chaos damage from the life scaling which is boosted through the gem links / base chaos. Will update once we have gem and support gem details but this should be quite good.

We use Forbidden Power for Power Charge scaling and take tree nodes to lean into this.

We apply Wither through Withering Presence, Withering Step and Wither totems to ramp it up quickly.

Cluster Jewel: We take Unspeakable Gifts to help with the clear.


We take 90% Chaos Resistance (1% on tree, Divine Flesh and 2x Born of Chaos, Hunter shield) and cap this. This means at 7.5k life we will take 300 damage per cast.

We take passive life regeneration through Stone Golem, Vitality (105+244 per second).

We take an amulet with +1 Chaos gems, +1 Intelligence Gems and 0.5% of Chaos Damage Leeched as Life. We do not yet know the exact numbers of damage and therefore cannot calculate the exact life leech but based on similar skills this should compensate for the self cast damage.

We take Steelskin on mouse button 1 for a periodic 2k shield.

We take Enduring Cry for a periodic 2k life heal. This will also generate Enduring Charges and Phys damage reduction.

We take Generals Cry / Vigilant Strike for fortify. You make want to take "the Vigil".

We take Cast When Damage Taken / Withering Step for Elusive (15% attack and spell dodge + 30% move speed) and Phasing, which should be up fairly often as we will proc it with Forbidden Rite.

Cluster Jewel: We take Touch of Cruelty to apply hinder.

Additional Defense

This section drops the Power Charge scaling for more defenses. If Forbidden Rite is strong this may be a better option.

We take Evasion tree nodes, including Acro / Phase Acro (40% chance to dodge attacks, 30% chance to dodge spells). This is 55% and 45% with elusive.

We take Silent Steps cluster for a 15% chance to blind (50% less chance to hit on enemy) which is applied through our General Cry / Vigilant Strike setup.


Q. Why not CI?

A. The damage scaling on CI is not that great. As another redditor pointed out " 4.6k life gives as much damage as 11k ES for this skill". The CI setup is also harder to respec out of and so I consider this version a lot more friendly.

Q. Why not Low Life?

A. Low life is a great option, I've not tested the numbers and will likely test them when the gem info is out but I would imagine life stacking is better for damage and believe the above is more than enough to mitigate the drawbacks.

Q. Why not X unique?

A. I've tried to make this as friendly as possible on league start. If you have an idea for a unique then I can post here for others to transition into. The Cane of Unraveling for early game and The Ivory Tower for late game come to mind. You may want to explore Presence of Chayula if you want to scale some ES (and take Eldritch Battery to make this useful).

Q. Why not Totems?

A. Totems stacking life may be better but its not a playstyle I enjoy. I'm sure others will make great builds for it.

Q. What Gem links do we use?

A. We do not yet know as the gems details have not been released and there is a big shake up to gems this league. There are two general approach's (1) scale damage, (2) scale projectiles. The POB talks about potential links in the notes section and we are yet to know if this shotguns.


I've created three trees here.

The leveling tree is your starting tree.

The Standard tree is what you are looking to progress to.

The Safest tree is what you can switch into if you would prefer the added safety and find you don't need the damage scaling of power charges.

Please take a look at the notes section here.

I'll update this based on feedback.


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