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Frost Bomb Ignite

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I wanted to touch upon something recently teased to us regarding Frost Bomb:

  • Frost Bomb now has an added damage effectiveness of 300% (from 200%).
  • Frost Bomb now deals 14 to 21 cold damage at gem level 1 (unchanged), up to 1336 to 2003 at gem level 20 (from 959 to 1439).
  • Frost Bomb now gains additional radius as the gem levels, up to +7 at gem level 20. This change enables the skill as a powerful nuke ability when fully supported.

Much like with discharge, these buffs suggest the possibility of a nasty ignite combo. With Elementalist, Shaper of Flames allows all damage to ignite, which means your Frost Bomb's massive base damage plus archmage. Pair this with Mastermind of Discord (bonus -25 exposure from any source), and you're going to have no problem taking down tougher content. What I'm thinking is the following:

-50 cold res from frost bomb-50 lightning res from WoC-50 fire res from Elemental equilibrium + -50 fire res from the quickened scorching ray (doesn't hit, so it doesn't reverse EE)

Altogether, you get a massive hit on enemies that otherwise would resist the initial damage (thus reducing your ignite and chill/shock effects) and your ignite can get a whopping -100 fire res that isn't modified by boss "reduced effect of curses". Heart of Destruction further juices this combo up with more elemental damage (which might help considerably if we take less duration support) and huge AOE for map clearing.

There's definitely more than can be toyed with here, but I think this has potential to be extraordinarily fun considering the size of the bomb and potential to do all content. Thank you for reading and please let me know what you think!

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Edit: I see a lot of concern regarding consistency, so here's what I dug up:

  • Phantasmal quality adds 1% less duration per quality so with Window of Opportunity anoint and level 21 less duration, we can get the bomb to go off in .5 seconds without any other influences
  • Phantasmal quality also grants 1% CDR per quality, so with the 30% helm enchant and an item with CDR, you'll be at about 1.5 cooldown. You could swap in second wind for clearing to bring that down to about 1.25 which I think is more than enough for most people.


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