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GGG: Could you Clarify Some Questions on Doom Please?

Content of the article: "GGG: Could you Clarify Some Questions on Doom Please?"

If Mark or someone else has a few minutes, I'd really love to get the answers to some of these questions about curses/doom.

  1. How does curse priority/overwriting curses work?
  2. How does re-applying the same curse affect Doom?
  3. Can non-self-cast curses gain Doom?
  4. How do multiple applications of curse work with Doom?
  5. How do Hexes interact with Curse Immune (not Hexproof) enemies?
  6. How many stacks can you get from a single Doom application?

How does curse priority/overwriting curses work?

The wiki is not very clear on how curse prioritization works with auras vs. self-cast vs. triggered curses.

I ran an experiment. I put on Vixen's Entrapment, used a Blasphemy Aura Hex, and Self-Cast a Hex to see the behavior. Curse limit was 2 (1 by default, 1 from Vixen's Entrapment).

Auras have priority according to the wiki, and as expected the blasphemy aura curse was never removed no matter what I did.

The self-cast curse was applied when I cast it. It seemed like the Vixen's Entrapment triggered, but the curse never showed as being applied (it seems like since it was over the curse limit and had lower priority than the triggered curse, it was never applied).

So I tried removing the aura, and when I self-cast the Vixen's Entrapment curse appropriately applied. So the trigger is definitely working.

When I socketed a second curse in Vixen's Entrapment, only the second curse (the one later in the trigger order) applied to the target alongside the initial self-cast curse. The mod on Vixen's Entrapment says "Trigger Socketed Curse Skill when you cast a Curse Skill" which implies it is a singular curse skill that gets triggered, so I expected the first curse in the trigger order to be triggered followed by the second. This didn't happen.

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I also tried using a higher level skill gem in the first trigger order slot to see if the higher level curse would be the one that stuck around, but in this case that did not occur (the second lower level triggered curse in Vixen's was the only one that applied).

So how exactly is curse priority working? Testing suggests:

  1. Hex auras take priority
  2. Self-cast hexes are applied next if you are not at the curse cap
  3. Triggered hexes are applied if you are at the curse cap

For the purposes of skills like Impending Doom could you clarify that the above is correct? That triggering Vixen's Entrapment when at the curse limit will not count as overwriting the previous curse and triggering Doom Blast?

How does re-applying the same curse affect Doom?

If I have cast a curse and let it sit for 30 seconds, it would generate 30 doom over that time.

If I re-cast the same curse, how will that be handled?

Will it:

  1. Reset the Doom on the existing curse alongside its duration
  2. Keep the Doom on the existing curse and refresh its duration
  3. Overwrite the existing curse triggering Doom Blast and applying a new instance
  4. Something else not listed

Can non-self-cast curses gain Doom?

The patch notes say:

Hexes apply a curse in an area and, when manually cast, apply an amount of Doom per second to cursed enemies up to a maximum. Doom increases the effect of the afflicted curse and stacks additively with modifiers to increased Curse effect.

This clearly states that only manually cast (self-cast?) hexes will gain Doom over time. However, the patch notes also say:

The new Dark Intent cluster has been added where Skittering Runes used to be. It grants increases to the Effect of your Curses, reduced Mana Reservation of Curse Aura skills, increased damage with Hits and Ailments against Cursed Enemies, and additional starting Doom for all Hexes you apply.

This does not use the same "manually cast" wording suggesting that even triggered or aura hexes could have additional starting Doom. Is this correct?

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How do multiple applications of curse work with Doom?

If I were to cast three separate curses with impending doom linked manually, how does the Doom function?

  1. Does each curse have its own individual Doom count?
  2. Would triggering a Doom Blast or Hexblast provide damage based on the highest Doom count? Sum of all Doom counts?
  3. If the first curse cast expires and triggers a Doom Blast killing the target, would the additional two instances of Doom also trigger sequential explosions?

How do Hexes interact with Curse Immune (not Hexproof) enemies?

Some enemies in the game are currently curse immune (distinct from Hexproof).

e.g. Elder Portals, Totems

Will these be made hexproof and/or will they receive the same treatment as hexproof enemies in that doom will still accumulate on them even if they aren't affected by the curse?

How many stacks can you get from a single Doom application?

The patch notes say:

The Skittering Runes cluster has moved just below Heart of Thunder. The notable now grants +10 to maximum Doom and 10% increased Effect of your Curses (from 15% increased Effect of your Curses).

Each curse generates 10 doom/second (20 with the nodes that have it generate faster), what is the maximum amount of doom per curse?

If I missed any interactions that people are curious about please let me know and I'll do my best to add them. Please be specific so I can have an easier time phrasing them. All of this stuff is new and I'm really interested to see how they work.

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