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GGG Fighting Monopolies by DROPPING the Ceiling and RAISING the Floor

GGG just basically dropped a BOMB on TOS violations and A LOT of issues with the Economy and the top 0.1%.

I'm happy, I'm very happy actually.

During 3.13, I released a series of video named the 0.1%, I have to say, it aged like milk.

In this series, I wanted to shed light on as many "broken" mechanics as possible that people were abusing, in order to both level the playing field, but also to make sure these methods were known, the more people took advantage of them, the better!

I have no idea if my videos or anything I said had any effect on the changes upcoming in 3.14 regarding these, and to be honest, I don't care. I'm just happy changes are being made.

The most notable changes are as follows:

  1. A "duped" item can no longer be duped again.
  2. Deep Delving is being nerfed to be more inline with other options.
  3. Witnessing ONLY applies to the map owner.

The only thing I was hoping for was that beasts would be captured "in close proximity" to prevent multiboxing beasts entirely, but I guess that would give a complete monopoly to beast farming bots and any legit player really wouldn't be able to compete.

For people less in tune with the economy, these changes are MASSIVE.


Let's talk about "duping" first, duping was a problem because the FIRST people / group of people who had access to a given base would have a complete monopoly on that base, being able to dupe it endlessly and being able to "protect" their base from further duping from others through various methods, be it influencing the item, adding a Harvest Implicit or even catalysts. Anything to prevent others from duping their base.

This shouldn't be a problem in a perfect world, someone who got lucky or who invested huge amounts of currency would be able to reap the rewards! Unfortunately, that's not how it went. We had groups being fed by TOS BREAKING (almost the entire beast farming community got banned last league in a huge ban wave – you can guess what for) communities in order to make all the most profitable bases as early as possible and then snowballed from there. The same people, every single league. A complete monopoly allowing people to "print" mirrors with 0 effort.

Don't believe me? During Legion, in the era of +3 Ranged Foil, I was the only active player with a merciless +3 ranged foil for a while, I was making over 1 mirror per day barely playing for a few hours. Making foils for 15ish ex and selling them for 35-45 depending on the divine. That was just luck for me, I got merciless after just a few imprints, hit the jackpot back then!

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With the upcoming changes, while the actual beast farming methods haven't changed, since it's still shared and hasn't been mentioned to be given to "close proximity", beast farming is getting massively nerfed. The income from beast farming is mostly from 3 sources, imprints, splits and "yellows".

Imprints and Splits are used in tandem to dupe, but with the new "split" tag preventing further splits, it means the demand for those will drop drastically. This is also the main sink of "yellow", the regular rare beasts needed for each craft. With this change, the demand for those also drops significantly.

This means people being able to print mirrors either from being on the side of having a monopoly on "dupe bases" or the side of farming these beasts via TOS methods like Virtual Machines or outright botting, are getting the potential ceiling on their currency generation by a MASSIVE MARGIN.

To make up for this, GGG has added some new beasts to replace some of the Harvest crafts, because of this, I really believe they should also only have beasts allocated to people "in close proximity", the same way sulphite works, but in the end, it stills lowers the ceiling of currency / hour farmed by those communities on either side of the duping method.

Deep Delving

Deep Delving has been SSS tier for far too long, it's been one of those methods that dedicated people can literally lose themselves into, farming upwards of a mirror every single day, and in some cases, multiple mirrors in a day.

Funny enough, those same people can never link you any sort of relevant amount of currency?
Why is this…well, you can take a guess. Note, this doesn't apply to EVERYONE in the delving community at all, but there are MANY bans handed out to that community every single league amongst the top delvers, coincidence? Who knows.

The issue isn't that people made a lot of currency delving, the issue is that anyone who wanted to delve but didn't have the kind of time to dedicate on the level of the "6k+ delvers" simply wouldn't see any returns. From 0 to 1500 or so, you wouldn't encounter more than a couple T1 Fossils.

The upcoming change will raise the floor, so that even the more casual players can have access to seeing returns in delve, we don't have the exact numbers, but I'm hopeful.

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More importantly, those people who do push to the "promise land" of 6k+ delving, basically had a monopoly on the market of T1 fossils, meaning they get to dictate the price of these fossils. Not only that, the delving community has been very vocal about people "lowering the price" of T1 fossils.

This is bad, as in any economy, any sort of monopoly is bad. Allowing players who won't dedicate their existence to delving to have an effect on the T1 fossil economy can only help, and also allow to fund additional sulphite for themselves as they are delving deeper. Meanwhile, lowering the ceiling of currency / hour for the top delvers only makes their effect on the market smaller, preventing unhealthy market behaviors like the price of T1 fossils lowering 50% and then doubling in price within a few days as we have more players affecting the overall market volume.

Witnessing Invitations

This change is the most important of all, as this is not just preventing monopolies, it's also fighting against ridiculous inflation. While you may think being able to buy a Bottled Faith for a few exalts is good, it isn't. Not for the economy, not for the people who want to have access to the content.

It got to the point during Ritual League, where you literally could not farm "The Feared" invitation without using AT LEAST 3 characters (more than the limit of 2 per physical PC within TOS). The individual price of the boss encounters were so high that the returns were negative, in the case of every single encounter.

So if you wanted to farm Cortex, Uber Atziri (for some reason?) or Uber Elder (amongst others really), you would LOSE currency every single time, even if you were witnessing them with maven in order to then do "The Feared" invitation. This was due to the ridiculous demand of those encounters from the people who were using multiple accounts to farm those encounters, who were willing to pay outrageous prices because no matter what, they were making profit, A LOT OF PROFIT.

Upwards of 50 exalts / hour with 5 alts.

Getting the value of 7 boss sets for the price of 1 set and 6 invitations being sold for 20c.

By lowering the ceiling and preventing people to be able to do multiple invitations with a single boss set, GGG is drastically decreasing the amount of sets / hour people are capable of going through. By doing so, the price of these sets goes down due to the demand decreasing exponentially as well, since people can't make 7x the value of their bossing encounters, they aren't willing to pay outrageous prices.

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This means ANYONE who is capable of completing these encounters CAN do so and turn a profit, without having to turn to "grey" areas such as multiboxing. The floor is therefore raised in terms of currency / hour for anyone who is actually capable of completing the encounters and their invitations.


All in all, these 3 changes are absolute game changing. It shows that GGG are finally putting their feet down on people "abusing" certain game mechanics which have been far too powerful for, in some cases, far too long.

This also means the maximum possible currency / hour is lowered drastically, which is good as this prevents unnecessary inflations from the "rich" who are capable of paying more.

Not only that, the changes to basically every currently existing mechanic also raises the floor in terms of currency gains, the effect of the floor raising and the ceiling lowering means that overall, we have less of a discrepancy between the average player and the 0.1%. "Godly items" drop in price since rich players are less rich and aren't willing to pay as much, and average players are making more money for their time spent on the game and therefore are capable of affording better items.

This is a buff


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