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GGG is right, Player damage does need a nerf. But Monster damage need them much much more. Hear me out. An opinion of the so told “1% Player Base”.

Content of the article: "GGG is right, Player damage does need a nerf. But Monster damage need them much much more. Hear me out. An opinion of the so told “1% Player Base”."

Hey guys.

After seeing many people in this sub criticizing the new changes without giving deeper reason I wanted to ad how I experienced this game so far and what I would wish to come.

People are normally to dislike changes. Especially if meta builds get hit. I started playing PoE in 1.3 and I remember many meta builds. Some of them i played myself starting with 2.0 . Incinerate Chaos conversion with max block, chaos firestorm traps, spark chaos ascendant, the double dip meta, the frostwall lightning arrow abuse, everyone was using the Vinktars, Bladevortex was alrdy op back than, everyone stacking ES and getting Vaal Pact. I could extend this list even further but that is not the point. In everyone of these changes people got mad. And i did too. The Incinerate Chaos Block build was my first build i killed Atziri with. I got attached to it but not because of the achievement i have gotten with it, but because of the investment i put into it. And it always feels like GGG is taking away something with a nerf. Many player have theire archetype and like to play the same direction of skills, not everyone is Mathil and plays another skill every 3 days. While that is a problem, this is just a symptom.

(thats me if you dont trust me <.< )

I remember PoE beeing heavily influenced by the hardcore aspect. PoE was much slower and much clearer. The maligaro belt transmog was the only eye cancer i can really remember off. Damage types were easier to understand. If a boss did a dark red it meant phys. If it was a light blue it was lightning…you get my drift.

These are all aspects that had to leave for different reason. PoE wants to present itself in a fancy fresh exiting way. And first i was against it. Not as bad as ProjectPt but i disliked the newer playstyle. Even though i am still not completley sold on this take, i get where GGG is coming from. Those goals are not bad in itself. But by adding new layer on layer on layer of difficulty, skills, damage, monsters and content in general, they never found a way to find balance between offence and defence.

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Everytime the game got powercrept GGG had to answer with stronger monsters with more life. And while it is possible to get reasonably tanky, it is not as trivial or as worth as stacking damage. Pretty sure most peoples build cant even tank 3 hits from a white mob in a white t15map. Opting in tanky passive points and gear is not as rewarding as zooming through a map in 30 seconds. To make it worse GGG is forcing to play people in a damage clearspeed style because of all this timers. At this point it has become an arms race. Player gets stronger, monster deals more dmg and so on. The Pantheon that promised us defensive option is a joke for many people. Most people dont even complete them(I disagree on this though, I think pantheons do make a change). Do you guys want to know how hard these monsters hit:

Now and than me and my longtime poe friends decide to play in a party for a season to get easy currency. Normally the only thing that was dangerous in the past was phys damage. Even our carry has over 13k es and 90% all res + ci + evasion cap. But this league we had the honor of this ridiculous divergent determination gem for 300k extra armor. We did our level 100 since we were pretty much immortal. The easiest way to play content was for us to not move so we would all be in aura range, facetanking bosses that werent designed for that. But somehow we managed to die to a strongbox…I will never understand how.

So what do I want to say with this useless talk:

I honestly dont think that many people want to be much much faster… contrary I think many people burn out from it. It doesnt need to be much slower. It needs to be organized and more fair. The strongbox I just told about is a perfect example about how unintuitve the damage in PoE feels. You dont know for sure how much damage you will take from a monster. I am actually a fan of oneshot mechanics, if there would be % dmg shenanigans like we did wouldnt be possible. Also people wouldnt be punished for not going full team tank mode. But PoE oneshot are just not fair.

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I told before that i started to accept and like the clearspeed, but not because of how fast we zoom through maps. But because of all the other quality of life changes. For example affinity tabs make you play the game much faster without making you faster. It lets you enjoy more of the game and skip more the "work". While making you just faster actually just lets you skipp … the game?!

There are many suggestions I have seen on reddit. QoL suggestion like dropping currency in stack. Letting people store their Spectres etc. I am just a simple player that has no solution for this. All i can do is tell how i feel about it. I really think GGG is doing great with many things and taking damage away is a good thing. The problem reamins…

The higher endgame content i want to reach the less engaging my playstyle becomes. Its not about "beeing forced into meta" its more about beeing forced to ignore certain mechanics because they just feel like a gimmick. And thats a shame. Because this game has like endless posibilites of builds and skill/item combinations. I want to experience them and I want to experience them against Maven.


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