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GGG Support Stonewalling

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Honestly not sure what I hope to achieve here as it all feels a little pointless at this stage. Anyway, guess I'm just hoping to get my account back. So here goes… maybe getting some eyes on my story will get GGG support to atleast respond to me.

I've been playing PoE since 2013 using my Steam account. I've bought pretty much all the stash tabs to make the game convenient to play and a couple of mtx. Nothing special, but certainly not something I want to buy again, hence why I am trying desperately to recover my account.

Now, first off, a lot of people are going to read this and just immediately assume I am guilty and did in fact use 'Third Party Software' as the website states for the reason my account has been banned. That's fine, you don't have to believe I am innocent, though I truly am and will go to any length to prove it. All you really need to believe is that false positives happen, or bans are sometimes handed out to the wrong people, i.e. Zizaran and Havoc as prime examples. In their case it was easy to prove they didn't cheat as they stream. I don't. So if a false positive happens how do you prove you are in fact innocent? Through no fault of your own GGG can ban your account that you have spent money on, and then just refuse to speak to you when you hope to get it resolved. Which is what is currently happening to me.

I've reached out to GGG over the last two weeks after I got banned at the start of Heist, initially they were very forthcoming and responded very quickly. After I confirmed I was the owner of the account, they said they would forward my case to the relevant department and get back to me. Its now been two weeks without a single word from anyone at GGG, after I've sent multiple emails and messages to support just requesting so much as an update. I am now being completely stonewalled. The problem here is that obviously something or someone detected I was cheating on their end. So are they just assuming I am another hacker looking to get their account unbanned and not bothering to so much as engage with me? How do I prove I did not cheat in any way? We don't all record all our gameplay sessions. Its a particularly frustrating scenario for me, as I really am innocent. With support refusing to help and being pretty illiterate when it comes to these things I don't know which way to turn.

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Just put yourself in my shoes for a moment: You get banned for cheating even though you didn't cheat, then you reach out to support to try and work with them to resolve it and they simply refuse to speak to you. How would you respond?

So, here I am after two weeks reaching out to reddit in the hopes that it will, as is often the case with gaming companies, provide better support than the developer themselves.

Its not a good idea to spend money on PoE, GGG might just ban you out of nowhere and then refuse to so much as speak to you afterwords. Reddit please help.


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