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Half of what Chris said in ExileCon was omitted in the other thread. Here’s what he really meant


Q: So, uh, we've seen quite a few new currency items coming for this league. Will there be slots for those in the currency stash tab?

Chris: Anything that's added to the permanent core game rather than being league-specific currency is definitely going to get slots. If we're adding something temporarily for a league and we're not sure if it's going to stay, we often forestall the slots for a little bit. But yep, we have to add slots for the new currency items, and um, I don't know what we're gonna do with that tab, right? Like we're certainly not going to make you buy currency tab #2 which has different slots. It's pretty much just adding tabs to the tab, or making it tiny or something. But yeah, we're going to add slots. Sorry if we're slow with this kind of thing, we focus on getting the expansion done and then realizing that we have to, uh, add slots to it, but we'll hopefully get it in.

Notice the part in italics? Yeah, that was cut out of the part linked by /u/darkowozzd97 when making this thread that has 4000+ upvotes.

But did Chris lie to us?

A lie is an active attempt at deceiving someone. It implies that the guy talking hours after delivering one of the crowning achievements of his career in a quivering voice had already approved final plans for stash designs for the foreseeable future and knew what he was saying was false information. But what he really is talking about is what their plans are at the time this happened, not writing a dev manifesto. I can't be sure, of course, but that really doesn't seem like a guy who's just bullshitting you to get your money up there.

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Moreover, consider the part in italics. He specifically divides currency into 'permanent currency' and 'league currency', and his reference to 'currency tab #2' obviously refers to the former category. In fact, league after this event, they DID add new slots in the currency tab for Conquerors of the Atlas currency, and at another time added slots for Harbinger currencies as well as adding extra 'joker' slots.


However what actually pisses me off is reading the comments on this subreddit after recent announcements. The amount of vitriol and disdain expressed towards the developers. This is the reason why most developers don't communicate with the community. This is why companies like Blizzard mostly communicate in CEO-approved PR talk. Every time you engage with the community there's a risk, like when you put some introverted developer up on a stage, toss them a question and after stuttering and stammering for a bit they might say something that some asshole is going to take out of context and poorly dissect years later so that the bottom-feeders of the community can crucify you for it.

Really just look at the language in the transcript and tell me again how Chris p-p-promised no new tabs? Because people who are confidently giving out information that they want you to take as a fact use expressions like "Hopefully", "Sorry", "We're not sure" or "I don't know what we're gonna do with that tab"? Seriously.

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And you know what? I agree that the new tabs are hot garbage and have no need for them. With tab affinities they might not be, but I also agree that that really might be an unacceptable level of pay-for-convenience. It's not a simple matter, and Chris is right to not be fully confident in their plans. But none of this even has any impact to me as I can just choose to not buy anything, hell I've not even spent money on PoE for at least a year even though I'm perfectly happy with the game. Harvest is actually my favourite league out of the last 3 because I really don't enjoy dealing with the same bullshit in every single map. Burns you out super fast. But I digress.

My point is that if you've been spewing hateful bullshit over the actual human beings who work hard in spite of a pandemic to keep happy, you disgust me. The fact that you failed to understand the meaning behind Chris' words so badly that your teachers would shudder is besides the point even as there's really no excuse for some of the comments I've read.

If your life is so boring and you thrive on drama, subscribe to fucking HBO and watch the greatest show ever made, The Wire. Don't take it out on real people.

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