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Harvest Conq-Influence Crafting for Dummies (tailwind, explode + seeds you should be paying attention to)

Hello! I thought I would write up a guide on crafting Tailwind boots and Explode Chests, since these are some of the more popular mods and Harvest has introduced many ways of obtaining them easier than before.

Even though this is written for beginners, it does still assume some prior knowledge with crafting – you know what affixes are, how many pref/suff you can have (3 each), holding down alt to see mods on an item, item level restrictions, how to use your garden, etc.

For the purposes of this tutorial, we'll be using – it is an invaluable resource.

Tailwind Boots

Let's open up the poedb page:

The first thing we need to understand is that each mod has a mod category. Tailwind can only be achieved on a i75+ Hunter Base, such as the following:

The mod pool:

Furthermore, if you want to expand the mod pool to include 35% movement speed, you will want them to be i86. Example search:

There is an interesting alternative, you can procure a pair of highly sought after base, such as i86 Two-Toned boots, then using the recipe from a T3 Primal Blisterlord Bulb, you can hit Hunter influence. It is a 1/6 though.

Primal Blisterlord Bulb:

Tailwind falls under speed AND critical:

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Critical shares no mods with any other in the normal prefix/suffix and hunter pools, which means augmenting with the critical recipe will guarantee tailwind.

For movement speed, if you craft movement speed then slam (augment) a movement speed mod on it with an open prefix, because the only other possible mod to hit is Tailwind, you will be guaranteed it as well.

This means that two seeds are extremely valuable, the Primal Viper Grain, and the Vivid Thornweaver Seed.

Primal Viper Grain:

Vivid Thornweaver Seed:

Note that there is an iLvl restriction on the craft. It cannot be 10 lower than the base itself, so before you go out and buy seeds, make sure they are at least i76 or however many required for your base, i77 for i87 and so on.

To finish the boots, simply use this tip:

And with a bit of luck you will end up with something like this:

Explode Chests

So next on to the explode chests. Example:

Let's open up the poedb page:

This one is a bit more complicated, if we look at the explode line, the pool is actually 3 mods:

  • #% of Physical Damage from Hits taken as Lightning Damage <– Lightning as well
  • Reflects # Physical Damage to Melee Attackers
  • Enemies you Kill Explode, dealing 3% of their Life as Physical Damage
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So if we do some brainstorming, how can we force the explode line to awaken it onto another base?

Well the answer is fairly simple, you want to buy a base that has some of those phys mods that exist, or can be easily manipulated to be able to force it. You could start from scratch with an i85 crusader chest with no prefixes and slam it with physical modifiers 3 times using the Wild Hellion Seeds but that seems unnecessary. We will only need it at most twice.

Wild Hellion:

Let's find a base. They have to be i85 Crusader, with one of those mods, and some open prefixes.

Example search:

Example search with both mods and open prefix:

Make sure the base you're buying isn't more expensive than the mod itself!

Search for the mod:

So now if you slam it with a physical modifier, you have a 50/50(?) chance of hitting the explode line. If you hit the #% of Physical Damage from Hits taken as Lightning Damage instead, you can then hit it again and you will be guaranteed the explode line. Then you want to remove Lightning from it, until the only Crusader affix you have on the item is the explode line, and it will be ready to be awakened onto another base!

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Hopefully this helped some of you, I tried to include as many pictures as possible but it's really impossible to explain everything. You just have to get your hands dirty! If you find any mistakes please feel free to correct me.


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