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Harvest Highlights the Weakness in the Current Mod Tag System & Why We Need Ingame Tag Info

Content of the article: "Harvest Highlights the Weakness in the Current Mod Tag System & Why We Need Ingame Tag Info"

I believe we need in game information on mod tags, be it through alt item info or an information page listing mods and tags.

It's likely that some of the tagging also needs cleaning up due to inconsistencies and examples of mod tags not making sense.

PoEDB has managed to carry the burden well enough through Fossil crafting but Harvest really highlights some of the shortcomings of the current mod tagging system.


Example A: Unobvious tagging.

You go to remove strength with "remove non-attack modifier" from an axe that seemingly only has attack modifiers. It removes Impale effect.

PoEDB Lists impale effect as physical with attack listed in blue text (which I've been told is for metamodding). I think most people would assume Impale is an attack mod. This example would be solved with alt-item-text mod tags.


Example B: Inconsistent & Confusing Tagging

What is a physical modifier?

Bleed? Nope

How about Physical Damage? Nope

Some like Bleed, fair enough maybe, though I do think it's confusing. The cullingstrike/physical damage not being physical seems like an inconsistency.


I think when this tagging system was only behind the scenes and we couldn't interact with it directly it wasn't a problem. But more and more mod tags are a player-facing system and will definitely need some attention.

An option to enable mod tags in the hold-alt-text for items would help a lot. Info page in game with a full list would be even better. It'll also likely need some cleaning up for inconsistencies and logic.

Freaking loving the Harvest crafting aside from this, harvested 30 gardens yesterday and had a blast with something like 5 augments and a dozen remove/adds. Never have I been more enthused to invent reasons to craft items. A few changes to the mod tagging and communication would make all the difference in avoiding horrible feelsbad moments like I had yesterday removing impale from my axe.

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