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Harvest League challenges analysis/newbie guide

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  • All this analysis are based on a full time job player experience (spend 4~6 hours on PoE per day)

  • (40/40) tag means skip this if you're aiming for 36/40 challenges only, which means only wanna get those exclusive MTX skins, don't want the hideout trophy challenges.

  • Rating Difficulty:

    • Very Easy: Can be done within a week or day.
    • Easy: Can be done within a month, or couple of weeks.
    • Normal: Can be done within around a month or more, and require access end game content to do this.
    • Hard: Require heavy grinding which requires around 2 or more months of grinding.
    • Very Hard: Almost impossible to accomplished the challenge within 3 months(default league period)
  • Grinding here means play time in general, not farming on specific things.

1. Preparation

  • Have a combined total of 1,000 Armour, Evasion and Energy Shield – Can get a lot from body armour, this challenge also can be easily be done by touch Impenetrable Shrine.

  • Have a combined total of 100 Life and Mana Regeneration per Second – Can get a lot from equipment's modifier, this challenge also can be easily be done by touch Replenishing Shrine.

  • Allocate 3 Notable Passive Skills – Notable Passives are the medium size node in your passive tree.

Very Easy. This challenge teaches you on how to improve your character-basic-stats in this game.

2. Complete Harvest Encounters I

  • Open a Seed CacheSeed Cache can easily by seen by their glowing-blue-vein on the ground, you'll saw these vein when nearing them.

  • Plant a Seed – You can only plant those seeds in Sacred Grove, which can access from talking with Oshabi.

  • Harvest a Seed – You'll found seeds from opening seed cache.

Very Easy. This challenges teaches how to interact with the new league mechanic, harvest.

3. Complete these Quests

  • The Great White Beast – In Act2, kill THE GREAT WHITE BEAST in its Den, located in the Old Fields.

  • An Indomitable Spirit – In Act4, release the spirit in The Mines Level 2 by clicking it.

  • Fallen from Grace – In Act6, clear all the enemies in Twilight Strand.

  • The Wings of Vastiri – In Act8, retrieve the Wings of Vastiri after slaying UNDYING HECTOR TITUCIUS, ETERNAL SERVANT in the Bath House.

  • No Love for Old Ghosts – In Act10, retrieve Elixir of Allure in The Ossuary.

Easy. All of these are side-optional-quests are NOT recommend to skip, because they give valuable reward for your leveling process.

4. Defeat these Act Bosses I

Easy. You'll encounter them as you progressing your journey/quest, these are the first-half of the act bosses, if can't kill just get a party to help.

5. Complete Encounters I

  • Defeat a Rogue Exile

    (Anarchy League) Is a monster that looks like a player, and they will drop a set of equipment when slained, and can be easily found everywhere.

  • Complete a Prophecy

    (Prophecy League) Prophecy are random event created by Navali with a cost of Silver Coin, which she'll start appearing in town after you save her at The Climb.

  • Crack open an Essence Monolith

    (Essence League) Is a pack of monster that's frozen, player have to click them 3 times to release them, and will drop essences when slain that can be use to craft normal item into rare with 1 guarantee mod.

  • Defeat a Tormented Spirit

    (Torment League) Is a monster that looks like green-ghostly-spirit the roam that will run away from when u near them, also can touch/possesses monster that causing those infected monsters to gain new ability and also drop more loots.

Easy. An introduction of some of the past league mechanic added to core game.

6. Place Harvest Infrastructure

  • Collector – (Cost 25 lifeforce) Use to collect nearby seed's lifeforce when fully grown.

  • Storage Tank – (Cost 75 lifeforce) Use to store lifeforce from connected collector through pylons. Oshabi will free 1 of this after you successfully harvest few seeds.

  • Disperser – (Cost 30 lifeforce) Use to feed nearby tier 2 above seeds, by pumping connected storage through pylons. Oshabi will free 1 of this after you collected a tier 2 seed.

  • Pylon – (Cost 10 lifeforce) Use to connect infrastructure from one to another. Oshabi will free 10 of this after you placed a storage.

  • Horticrafting Station – (Cost 1,800 lifeforce) Please note that storage's lifeforce can only be use to fertilize tier 2 above seeds instead of crafting, only freshly harvested seed's lifeforce can be use for crafting. So to craft this station, you'll need around 8+ piece of tier 2 seeds in a collector to get this amount of lifeforce.

  • Connect a Collector to both a Storage Tank and a Disperser using Pylons – This inform us that we can connect all infrastructure in sacred grove just by using pylons. Please note that each pylons can't connect more than 4 infrastructures, and also can't connect different color of infrastructures at once.

Check out ZiggyD video for Gardening Guide

Cheat Sheet Seed Crafting

Optimized Garden Setup

NOTE1: Oshabi freebies will be store in ur remove-only stash tab IF you missed them.

NOTE2: Some infrastructure won't available to craft untill you accept Oshabi's freebies.

Easy. This challenge teaches us how to fully use the harvest mechanic.

7. Complete Encounters II

  • Complete an Abyss

    (Abyss League) You'll start encounter these after Act 6 onward. Upon walking over an abyss encounter, a crack will form on the ground, and a small number of monsters will spawn out of it, the crack will expand till end with a pit which spawn more monsters from the pit. After you clear fast enough monster from the pit, it may start a new crack from the pit, OR a abyss chest spawn that drop some item including Abyssal Jewel that can be use on ur passive tree, OR if you're lucky enough an Abyssal Depth will spawn that contain more treasure with greater challenge.

  • Complete a Delve Encounter at Depth 20 or deeper

    (Delve League) You'll encounter them after Act4 with Niko, Master of the Depths assisting you throughout your adventure by mining those sulphite you found in the wild. His quest will require you delve to a highlight node which contain a crafting socket recipe, after that he'll tell you to upgrade your mine-cart(crawler). And when you reach endgame content your level might be around 60+- thus ur delve auto-dig will stop around depth50+-, so you can ignore all delve content untill u finished Act10 story. Then when you go to the deepest delve(after the auto-dig) you'll complete this challenge instantly.

  • Complete a Vaal Side Area

    (Sacrifice Expansion) A vaal side area is a randomly-generated side area indicated by a glowing, beating heart and swirling ribbons of blood. Every of this area will have a Vaal Vessel chest which may contain corrupt skill gems, vaal map fragments, or corrupted equipment which can be open after you beaten the boss at the end of the room. However, endgame vaal side area may contain extra special reward that act-zone vaal side area can't normally drop.

  • Allocate a Major God Power

    (Fall of Oriath Expansion) You'll gain these "power" by killing some of the bosses at the end of some story Act, for example The Brian King from Act 6, Arakali from Act 7, Lunaris and Solaris from Act 8.

Easy. An introduction of some of the past league and expansion mechanic.

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8. Defeat these Act Bosses II

Easy. You'll encounter them as you progressing your journey/quest, these are the second-half of the act bosses, if can't kill just get a party to help.

9. Complete Harvest Encounters II

  • Complete a Harvest craft by using a Collector – You can start harvest a collector when there's more than 8 fully grown seeds nearby.

  • Condense 50 Lifeforce – This challenge can done just by doing a harvest.

  • Fill a Storage Tank with 250 Lifeforce – A storage maximum capacity is 300 lifeforce,

Easy. This challenge teaches some advance steps of interacting harvest mechanic.

10. Defeat the Conquerors of the Atlas

Normal. These are the new end game bosses since 3.9.0 update, if you build can't really kill them then just ask for experience player to help you kill them off when u got the map to spawn them.

11. Complete Vendor Recipes

  • Cartographer's Chisel – Vendor a Stone Hammer/Rock Breaker/Gavel with 20% quality, and a map.

  • Chaos Orb – Vendor a full set rare item with their item level between 60 to 74.

  • Chromatic Orb – Vendor item that contain 3 different color socket-linked together.

  • Gemcutter's Prism – Vendor a set of gems with total of 40% quality.

  • Glassblower's Bauble – Vendor a set of flasks with total of 40% quality.

  • Jeweller's Orb – Vendor item that contain 6 sockets.

  • Orb of Chance – Vendor 2 identified rare items with same name OR a full set rare item with their item level 59 below.

  • Regal Orb – Vendor a full set rare item with their item level 75 above OR vendor 3 item with the same name.

Very Easy. A good introduction of vendor recipe to newbies, the best way to get rich easily in PoE. Also for experience player you can skip some of these easily buy using Gilded Fossil crafting.

12. Modify Maps

  • Cartographer's Chisel – Can improve map quality by 5% per use on white rarity map, 2% per use on magic rarity map, and 1% per use on rare/unique rarity map. Maximum map quality is 20% but can be push even further by using crafting from Haku in Intervention Safehouse(syndicate mechanic).

  • Harbinger's Orb – Can improve map tier by 1, also have a small chance to turn map into The Beachhead unique map depending of map tier.

  • Orb of Alchemy – Craft map from normal rarity to rare rarity.

  • Orb of Horizons – Can transform a map into another map with the same tier(only the original version, not the upgraded version via watchstone)

  • Sacrifice Fragment – Can be use with a map, just insert a map fragment(or more) with a map, it'll boost the item quantity of the map. Different type of fragment gives different amount of % item quantity for the map, such as sacrifice, prophecy, shaper, elder fragment gives 5% each; mortal, uber elder fragment gives 10% each.

  • Scarab – Can be use with a map, just insert a map fragment(or more) with a map, it'll activate a league mechanic on the map depending of the scarab type.

  • Sextant – Can be use on watchstone to gain special modifier that'll applied all map in a certain area depending of the watchstone location.

Easy. This challenges teaches ways to juice up our maps, by increasing item quantity drop rate even further.

13. Turn in Divination Cards

Type Best Choice
Essence Three Voices
Gem Gemcutter's Promise,
Influenced Item The Hale Heart
Jewel Shard of Fate
Prophecy The Valley of Steel Boxes
Two-Implicit Unique Item Echoes of Love

Normal. Old player might remember how hideous this challenge is in the old days, not exactly the same but pretty much they improve it BETTER! Nice work GGG!! Also note that this challenge require card that reward SPECIFIC reward type as requested, so those wild reward like The Void won't work on this challenge.

14. Complete Encounters III

  • Preethi, Eye-Pecker – Tier1 Desert Map, every of attacks from the boss have a chance to bleed, just try not to use "remove bleed" flask when killing it to complete this challenge.

  • The Fallen Queen – Tier3 Vaal Pyramid Map, the bosses appear from a portal on the floor sequentially with 8-10 seconds between the spawns, the spawn order is The Fallen Queen, then The Hollow Lady, then The Broken Prince. To complete the challenge, have to wait all of them to spawn, then try to kill The Hollow Lady(shoot projectile) and The Broken Prince(reave) first, then lastly kill The Fallen Queen(Ethereal Knives).

  • Stalker of the Endless Dunes – Tier5 in Dig Map, this challenge a bit tricky to do, high suggest a range-build to do this challenge. Each time the boss switch form it'll spawn Sandstorm, the more the boss switches the more and bigger storm will be …. try do it at lower tier to make the fight easier.

  • Sallazzang – Tier3 in Gardens Map, almost all of the boss attacks have chance to "Suppressing Fire" curse on hit, so try attack the boss by walking around it to avoid it's attacks. Also this boss got 2 forms, try do at lower tier to shorten the fight completing the challenge.

Normal. These challenges makes the boss a bit tricky to do, can be done in low tier map so should be no problem.

15. Complete Harvest Encounters III

Please refer to No.6 for harvest mechanic guides

Easy. All of these are tier 1 seeds so can all can be found in Act Zone, non of them are hard to find.

16. Upgrade Unique Items

  • Fated Prophecy – Fated prophecy are easy to get from Navali which a cost of silver coins, and mostly a cheap too .. although there's 1 most expensive fated prophecy which is The Queen's Sacrifice.

  • Breach Blessing – Blessings are currency items obtained by defeating Breachlords, and can be use to upgrade breach-unique item depending on their theme respectively.

  • Incursion Vial – Vials are currency items obtained by defeating Omnitech(from Temple of Atzoatl), and can be use to upgrade incursion-unique item depending on the unique item type respectively.

  • Vendor Recipe – cheapest option is Hyrri's Bite, by vendoring 1 normal rarity Sharktooth Arrow Quiver, rare rarity Onyx Amulet, 1 Rain of Arrows gem with at least 1% quality above, and 1 Orb of Chance.

Normal. Most of these challenges have cheap and easy option to complete, except for Incursion Vial because it require tier 3 sacrifice room which require a bit of RNG to get it.

17. Complete Twinned Maps

Not all maps can have "twinned" modifier, for example Kitava or Innocence boss.

Normal. Surprisingly they change from require specific map to have twinned challenge, to more broad choices … interesting change GGG, nonetheless some map boss are more tricky to do when two of them in a small room, you can try roll a magic rarity of the map with "Twin" mod so make the fight easier. If still can't, just ask someone else to help kill when u got them.

18. Complete Harvest Encounters IV

Please refer to No.6 for harvest mechanic guides

Easy. All of these are tier 2 seeds which can get from harvesting tier 1 seeds, you can increase the chance of dropping higher tier seeds by harvest a full set of seeds, which is 24 seeds.

19. Complete Rare Unidentified Maps

Going an unidentified rare map is kinda risky but high reward, do ounce per tier. You can obtain unidentified rare map by doing the map vendor recipe which also effect the rarity too, etc: vendor 3 same rare map you'll get +1 tier rare map OR corrupting rare map have a chance turning into unidentified(safer since you know the mods before hand). If your build can't deal most of the map mod then just party up with other people OR invite experienced players to help your Blind Map.

Normal. Surprisingly they make this challenge easier from doing all(16) last few leagues, to only 12 this league .. well thanks GGG! =D

20. Achieve Ascension

PoELAB is a good resource to check whether today is a short/safe layout to be run or not. Also try install LabCompass for more convenient, is a MUST tools for labyrinth camper! Here's are the locations for each trial to obtain before able to enter certain difficulty labyrinth:

  • Normal Difficulty: Act1 The Lower Prison, Act2 The Crypt Level 1, Act2 The Chamber of Sins Level 2, Act3 The Crematorium, Act3 The Catacombs, Act3 The Imperial Gardens

  • Cruel Difficulty: Act6 The Prison, Act7 The Crypt, Act7 The Chamber of Sins Level 2

  • Merciless Difficulty: Act8 The Bath House, Act9 The Tunnel, Act10 The Ossuary

  • Uber/Eternal Difficulty: Random spawn in end game maps, here's a picture for easier tracking which trial u haven't done yet.

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OVERALL: Easy. Labyrinth will get easier when you practice more, if your build can't do it, just pay someone to bring you to do it 😉

21. Use Infused Currency

  • Infused Engineer's Orb can be obtained from harvest crafting via Vivid Watcher Bulb(Tier3).

Upgrade an Engineer's Orb to an Infused Engineer's Orb

  • Facetor's Lens can be obtained from harvest crafting via Vivid Razorleg Grain(Tier2).

Sacrifice a Corrupted Gem to gain #% of the gem's total experience stored as a Facetor's Lens

Normal. The seed is not that rare to get, can even buy the currency straight away if you hate the harvest mechanic, is cheap too.

22. Complete Encounters IV

  • Defeat 50 Metamorphs – You can make this easier by spamming Metamorphs Mod from zana's map device that makes map contains Metamorph monsters with a cost of 5 Chaos Orbs.

  • Defeat 100 Harbingers– You can make this easier by spamming Harbinger Mod from zana's map device that makes map contains 2 additional Harbinger with a cost of 4 Chaos Orbs.

  • Open 50 Breaches – You can make this easier by spamming Breach Mod from zana's map device that makes map contains an additional Breach with a cost of 2 Chaos Orbs.

  • Complete 50 Legion Encounters – You can make this easier by spamming Legion Mod from zana's map device that makes map contains an additional Legion Encounter with a cost of 6 Chaos Orbs.

Normal. Mostly are just additional mechanic from zana's map device, can spend some chaos orb on her device if you're wanna rush this challenge. Is a good investment too you not only get these mechanic, but also league-exclusive-unique drops too.

23. Complete Delirium Encounters

  • Face your fears by passing through a Delirium Mirror – That's how to interact this league mechanic, just walk through it then a white fog start expands everywhere … try kill as many monster as possible in the white fog to get more rewards at the end.

  • Socket a Cluster Jewel – Cluster Jewel will guarantee drop at least one when you reach 3 stacks of delirium reward, and cluster jewel can only be socket at the most outer area jewel slot in passive tree.

  • Complete the Simulacrum – You can collect simulacrum splinters from a delirium mechanic at the end of the encounter, depending how many monster you killing inside the fog. And when you collected 300 splinters, it be converted into a unique map name Simulacrum. Is a pretty difficult map, but gives a lot of rewards and experience if you manage to beat it.

  • Complete a Rare Map with maximum Delirium – There's a small chance Delirium Orb may drop at the end of delirium encounter, and they can be use on map up to 5 times. Each use it'll adds 20% delirium effect on map, will increase map difficulty by A LOT …. so advice try do it on low tier map unless your build is really powerful.

Normal. This challenges informing us how they integrated past league mechanic, delirium into the core game.

24. Complete Eternal Labyrinths

Normal. All these new labyrinth mode are from the upgrade version of Offering of he Goddess via harvest crafting(Vivid Abberarach Bulb) .They are still following the Uber Lab layout, contain all monster level are 83.

25. Obtain Harvest Rewards

Outcome Source
Change a Unique Item into another Unique item Primal Cleaveling Seed
Upgrade the Rarity of a Scarab Vivid Vulture Bulb(T3)
Add an Influence Modifier to an item Primal Blisterlord Bulb(T3)
Link Six sockets on an item Primal Feasting Horror Seed(T1)
Add a Synthesis Implicit Modifier to an item Vivid Scalefruit(T4)
Obtain the use of an Infused Zana Modifier Wild Chieftain Grain(T2)
Add an Implicit Modifier to a Cluster Jewel Vivid Parasite Grain(T2)
Sacrifice a stack of Divination Cards Primal Rhex Grain(T2)
Exchange a map for a Synthesis Unique Map Wild Thornmaw Bulb(T3)
Sacrifice a map to gain Atlas Missions Wild Bristle Matron Bulb(T3)

Normal. Some of the craft option are pretty rare to get especially the 6 link, but you only need to do 8 out of 10, so should be no problem just skip the one require expensive/rare seed.

26. Complete Harbinger Encounters

  • Complete The Beachhead – Can obtain from using Harbinger's Orb on maps.

  • Combine Harbinger Pieces to create a Unique Item – Can obtain from beating the bosses in The Beachhead map.

  • Complete Infused Beachhead – Can obtain from doing harvest crafting with Primal Crushclaw Bulb(T3)

  • Upgrade a Harbinger Unique Item – Can obtain from beating the bosses in Infused Beachhead map.

Normal. Pretty happy and excited for this stuff, finally we have another endgame for harbinger stuff 😀 Not sure how rare is those scroll though, will update later …

27. Complete Harvest Encounters V

Please refer to No.6 for harvest mechanic guides

Normal. All of these are tier 3 seeds which can get from harvesting tier 2 seeds, you can increase the chance of dropping higher tier seeds by harvest a full set of seeds, which is 24 seeds.

28. Explore the Atlas

  • 140 Bonus Objectives – Obtain from completing maps with required rarity.

  • 140 Awakening Bonus Objectives Obtain from completing maps with required awaken power(amount of watchstone placed in atlas)

Normal. This challenge inform us that they had made some changes on how to get the awakening bonus and also it's reward.

29. Reach Level 90

Normal. This …. require a decent build to do this, require within a month to reach this level. If bad build that die a lot then …. maybe then need around a month+

30. Complete Encounters V

  • Portentia, the Foul – Tier3 Waste Pool Map, pretty easy to do … just spam click the spinning-wheel at the middle arena, it'll instantly clear out all negative effect around the area while u have few second to attack it before it jump into the "boiling pot" to change form. Click 3 times then spam DPS killing it.

  • Terror of the Infinite Drifts – Tier4 Desert Spring Map, this one pretty simple … when the boss life is low just stand on the quicksand, till you got the 10 stack then kill it.

  • Guardian of the Chimera – Tier16 Pit of the Chimera Map, this boss will still use smoke phase after 3 minion phase, so no need worry about having "good RNG" spot him early from the smoke, can stack later after all minions has comes out.

  • The Shaper – Tier16 The Shaper's Realm, this challenge is really hard to pull off … Preferable high DPS build to do this to make thefight short, so that you won't to deal much of the boss attacks .

Normal. These challenges makes the boss a bit tricky to do, and much harder because some of it are ENDGAME Bosses, try invite experience player if you're build aren't capable to do them. Click the link on their name to learn their fight mechanic.

31. Defeat Harvest Bosses

NEW CONTENT, will update later …

32. Use Winged Scarabs

Normal. You can get these upgraded version of scarab through harvest crafting with Vivid Vulture Bulb(T3). Is a bit RNG, but you can buy these upgraded scarabs to complete to this challenge, just open them with your maps.

33. Complete Encounters VI

  • Defeat a Possessed Unique Delirium Boss

    This can be done easily buy using 1 or 2 delirium orb on tier 1 map, then use Possessed Foe prophecy to force possessed unique monster in the map, which will include delirium boss if there's 1 spawn in ur map. Delirium Boss can be very hard to kill but tier 1 map should make this challenge easier a bit.

  • Complete Domain of Timeless Conflict while all 5 Factions are present

    Before you can make 5 ways/factions/embelm fight, you need to expand your map device slot to 5 first … which is by doing 4 embelm fight first, after that your map device will unlock the 5th slot, only then you can do this fight by inserting 5 embelm into your map device. The fight is not that hard … require a decent build to do it.

  • Kill a monster with five Essences in an area level of 80 or higher.

    Fighting them is not a problem but FINDING THEM is a big problem, pretty RNG dependent for this challenge. Just try use Remnant of Corruption essence on every essence encounter that contain more than 3 essence to have chance becoming more than 5. You can also try make use of zana's essence mod to make essence to spawn for more chances getting this challenge done.

  • Defeat a Bestiary Boss

    To do this challenge just buy any cheap unique beast(Saqawine Rhex, Craicic Spider Crab, Fenumal Hybrid Arachnid, or Farric Tiger Alpha) then spawn in ur blood altar, complete the fight in their lair then you'll complete this challenge, or hunt them yourself. here's the details:

    • Saqawal, First of the Sky – It's recipe require Saqawine Rhex that only appears in Tier 5+ maps. This DINOSAUR boss not that dangerous but try don't stand in the tornadoes, they hurt more than anything else in the encounter
    • Craiceann, First of the Deep – It's recipe require Craicic Spider Crab that only appears in Tier 7+ maps. This CRAB boss same like bird boss are just loot pinatas tbh, haven't seen them alive long enough to do anything.
    • Fenumus, First of the Night – It's recipe require Fenumal Hybrid Arachnid that only appears in Tier 10+ maps. This SPIDER boss deal a lot of chaos damage, so bring chaos resist flask, and dont stand in the stuff on the ground.
    • Farrul, First of the Plains – It's recipe require Farric Tiger Alpha that only appears in Tier 13+ maps. This TIGER boss deal a lot of phys damage, so bring phys reduction flask, bleed immunity flask and dodge the stampede.
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Normal. These challenge are pretty achievable … just require a bit RNG to get find them.

34. Complete 10,000 Map Tiers(40/40)

Hard. They actually bring back Breach/Synthesis League challenges also the same number and condition on how to achieve this, with this recent patch on how they buff the map drops this should be a bit easier now. My best strategy to do this is pick the shortest/fastest map you can clear of for example my favorite map is Strand very straight forward, some ppl may pick Mesa cuz is easier to reach boss … just pick whatever u like, set it as your favorite map in the left UI to sustain the map, then make sure your favorite map area is fill with 4 watchstone for maximum tier it's version.

35. Complete Unique Maps

Normal. Do 15 out of 19, with the help of The Encroaching Darkness divination card, this challenge will be slightly easier to complete as you keep grinding end game maps collecting this cards. Even your RNG is sux collecting these card, you could buy some of the unique map at here, most of the unique map are quite cheap.

The least 4 favorite unique map I would skip is … Hall Of Grandmaster(hard), Perandus Manor(very expensive), The Putrid Cloister(expensive), and Doryani's Machinarium(expensive) depending whose the 4th expensive map is =D

36. Complete Harvest Encounters VI

Condition Source
Open 20 Maps which are affected by Infused Zana Modifiers Wild Chieftain Grain(T2)
Exchange 5 Currency for alternative Currency Wild Snap Hound Grain(T2), Vivid Whipleg Bulb(T3)
Exchange 10 Fragments or Splinters for another random stack of Fragments or Splinters of the same type Primal Rhex Matriarch Bulb(T3), Primal Dustcrab Grain(T2)
Change 5 stack of Fossils, Essences, Delirium Orbs, Oils or Catalysts into an alternative stack Wild Homunculus Grain(T2)

Normal. Just a small amount of number usage on some very useful seeds.

37. Harvest the Heart of the Grove

NEW CONTENT, will update later …

38. Complete Deadly Encounters(40/40)

  • This is the uber Atziri, is hard fight. If you're build not that good, just invite other experience player to do it as long you supply them the map entry which is the mortal fragments.

  • Chayula, Who Dreamt

    This is one of the breachlord variant, a chaos type. To gain access to kill this Chaos Breachlord, you have to collect a stack of 100 Splinters of Chayula which will automatically turn into Chayula's Breachstone. This boss are the hardest among the other breachlord, just ask for help to deal with this.

  • Delve Boss at an area level of 83

    Depths 171+ will contain monster level 83 above. There's 3 kind of delve boss, and out of all 3 Aul is the hardest boss to fight with:

    • spawn in minimum delve 83 above.

    • spawn in minimum delve 150 above.

    • spawn in minimum delve 250 above.
  • You can access this boss domain by combining 2 shaper fragment(Shape & Knowledge) and 2 elder fragment(Emptiness & Terror), required a good-bossing-build to do this fight.

Hard. require an endgame build to able to kill these bosses. If can't kill them just collect the entrance key or make the boss spawn then ask for help to kill the boss. Click the link on their name to learn their fight mechanic.

39. Harvest the Heart of the Grove Conditionally

NEW CONTENT, will update later …

40. Complete Endgame Grinds(40/40)

  • Level 100

    This is gonna be hardest of the rest challenges. If your build not very end game or dying often … highly recommended to skip this.

  • Ah … finally they bring back to the EASIEST labyrinth challenge of all 😀 The fastest way to do this challenge is by waiting for a layout that Argus spawn in first room, then you can rush the labyrinth by only killing Argus then exit repeat, of course you don't get the labyrinth big reward but only Argus but … this is the fastest way to complete this challenge instead of earning profit. This is the MUST DO challenge if you wanna complete this endgame grind challenge, don't miss this option!

  • Complete 500 Delve Encounters at an area level of 80 or higher in the Azurite Mine

    Well this sound a lot better than previous depth 600 challenge, this mean any build can achieve this now as long you keep farming delve depth 189 above then eventually you'll reach this number in no time, really love this improvement GGG! Please don't bring back again reach depth 600 challenge 🙁

  • Defeat 50 Sirus, Awakener of Worlds

    To spawn SIRUS you need at least 20 watchstones obtained on your atlas, then the next 4 conquerors slayed will spawn it instead. This boss require a very good build to do, mostly a very mechanical fight … most of it's attacks are avoidable as long your build have good mobility to move around fast. They slightly lowered the number required to complete this challenge compared to metamorph league, so should achieveable … well if you like farming SIRUS content then should be no problem for doing this amount.

  • This unique map requires a really good build to beat it because of tremendous degen-damage deal from the mob and the delirium boss(11th wave), also the chance of IMPALE from monster The required amount to farming this map is roughly around 30 times for a descent build(10+ waves per map) and 15 times for a good build(20 wavers per map). They lowered the number by A LOT compared to previous league so should be achievable now. You can get more simulacrum splinter from farming map with high monster desnsity, etc: Tropical Island(T14), Lair(T15), Promenade(T16) base on Daykun video guide

  • Defeat 50 Harvest Bosses

    NEW CONTENT, will update later …

Hard. Still dono will GGG improve the spawn rate of higher tier seeds yet to let us farm harvest bosses more frequent a bit, for now I'ma skip this option first … next option to skip is and always will be … the Level 100. I will update again if there's any news improvement or more info about the bosses …

I will still be active updating this page from time to time whenever I got new INTEL untill the league ends 😉 Hopefully you guys understand my poor english and also helped new comer try to get 40/40 challenges =D

<Change-logs last update 6th June 2020. Hover here to view.>(/s " Update Change-logs: 1. Introduced


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Swords, dragons, knights, castles - if you love any of this stuff, you might like these games throughout 2021.

10 NEW Shooter Games of 2021 With Over The Top Action

We've been keeping our eye on these crazy action oriented first and third person shooter games releasing this year. What's on your personal list? Let us know!

Top 10 NEW Survival Games of 2021

Survival video games are still going strong in 2021. Here's everything to look forward to on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, and beyond.

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