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Harvest League is amazing! But… group play is lacking

For some back ground; I have been playing POE with my son who is now 19 years old since the beta. We love this game! We are huge supporters of GGG.

I started the league with my own character and was instantly in love with every aspect of Harvest! There is just enough complexity and freedom around planting and collecting and it made me super excited to play that evening with my son.

That night after in depth discussion of what we would play together and our approach to this league! We began.

On the first seed node, thankfully my son was the first into the instance and he got to see the npc and collect the seeds, because as the second in I could only see the graphics and could barely tell what they were. Going into his instance I realized that I could only really just help him fight. After the fight I realized I really only got one thing out of the fight (some small portion of loot). That ok I figured, maybe it still ticked my harvest farm’s growth!

The next zone I was first in and that is when it hit me that my farm zone was not prepared. I didn’t have the ability to add a lower level seed( my existing would have spawned lvl 30 or so monsters) we also later realized his farm wasn’t growing each zone I entered first. So we began by trying to let him just do his farming while I watch as we lvl. I would have to wait at the zone line to make sure he would go in first, and if I forgot we might just go on ( with him saying, it’s no buggy Dad) but the experience was just not very smooth.

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Now don’t get me wrong, we are in love with this game and think it’s amazing! But the way the league mechanic interacts as a group does not encourage you to play with others.

Feedback : maybe as some others have said, you can drop seeds for all, but only a smaller portion? I would love for the ability to at least feel like I am growing my garden every map and having some sort of progress. Having my cake? Each players farm would be accessible 🙂 but knowing it’s all pre loaded in the zone map I am guessing that could be a challenge(but hey! I would love it)


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