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Having trouble figuring out why this particular unique isn’t doing it’s job, can anyone help my fish brain? My current PoB (this character is a wip pls don't judge me)

My Ascent From Flesh is supposed to grant me Phasing if ES recharge has begun recently. According to my PoB and character sheet, my recharge is a paltry 29/s after 2s but it's not the number's I need, it's the recharge. I am also using Devouring Diadem that grants me Eldritch Battery, but according to the wiki that should leave ES recharge to function normally.

If I get phasing, I start shooting knives everywhere. I have tested every way possible to drain my ES and have it "recharge" and it has never once granted me Phasing under any circumstances. It steadily recharges at what looks like 29/s, but there is no delay and this seems like normal ES regen, not the delay then big zoom normally associated with *recharge*. My ES Regen is a solid 0 – however regen isn't what I'm looking for, it's very specifically worded as "recharge".

I would love to figure out why this isn't happening, any help appreciated!! Is my mana regen somehow stopping it from recharging due to Eldritch Battery?

EDIT: It is EB that's doing it. Also, me being dumb helps. From the wiki:

Energy shield will automatically begin to recharge if the character does not take any damage for a certain period of time. Spending energy shield with Blood Magic, Eldritch Battery or sacrifice mechanic (for life this mechanic can be found on, for example, Rathpith Globe or Dark Pact) does not count as taking damage.

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SO unless I have MoM so the ES actually takes damage, ES regen never actually occurs for me. This line in the Eldritch Battery page makes this seem like it's not an issue " Taking life damage or spending energy shield on skill cost will not interrupt energy shield recharge." but actually describes the issue perfectly. ES no longer interacts with damage, and thusly regen is….always active, so it never begins? Something like that. Either way, time to find a new belt!


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