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Headhunter Give Away(And other goodies)

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So for the past few leagues I typically will end my league by giving away my stuff to people I see in global chat who are relatively newer to POE. Last league was the first league I acquired a headhunter and I gave it away with the promise of vaaling it right after and it bricked (poor guy). This league I have acquired yet another headhunter as it only took me since harbinger league (my start) to finally figure this game out enough to really make enough currency to buy this sought out (but stupid) belt.

This League I am yet again giving my stuff away. But this time I will give it away here on reddit.

It's simple, just leave a funny comment and after either 24 hrs or 100 upvotes I will count the comments and put the total into a random number generator and whatever comment it picks, I will give the headhunter to. If this system fails ill just simply pick a few of the funniest comments and give stuff away.

Commenting a comment will not count as a comment. You must submit your own comment for me to count it. I will pm the winner for your IGN and I will simply trade you the belt. I also have other items to giveaway including EX, Mirror Tier items or just plain expensive items.

Goodluck with Harvest ; I'm Done. (PC Only)

Edit: I will be basing your comment as your entry in order of comments. If you were the first to comment, your comment number will be 1, if it’s the 50th then your number is 50. This will all be up to the RNG gods so pray to them. (Doing 6 total winners with 1 being the grand prize of HH and all the Vaal orbs to bath it in) And I will also pick a few random funny comments to give other random stuff to(awakened gems, the explosive chest off my back ect.)

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Edit: Close to 100 Upvotes, I will be up for the next 6 hours so this looks like it will kick off very soon. I will also wait 24hrs after I send you a pm for a response if you happen to not be here when the results come in. If no response after 24 hrs I will let my 8 year old pick a winner in your place.

EDIT: ALLRIGHT ITS TIME! I just got the notification for 100 upvotes with a tatal of 368 Comments. I will now begin the selection process. Be patient as I am working off a hotspot at the moment. And by the way, if your account is like a day old I will not be selecting you. GOODLUCK TO ALL!


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