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heist is close to being a great league but closer to being the most poorly received league ever

Content of the article: "heist is close to being a great league but closer to being the most poorly received league ever"

I think heist as an idea was great and in many ways was executed exceptionally well the voice acting is top notch the characters all have differing personalities heists have the potential to be extremely fun

I think my main issue right now is that the league has already alienated more than it hasn't into hating it and I think there were some very poor decisions on GGG's part that go back to the testing and feedback portion of the team

I think that heists are great I also think they are extremely clunky, repetitive, unrewarding, over tuned, buggy and the lack of exp in their is incredibly bad design

I believe the league needs a ton of work to reach its potential but it releasing in its "90% finished state" was a terrible experience I don't believe we should go back to a time when monsters generated alert level that is a terrible mechanic for a ARPG though its fine it was worth testing but more so on the part of GGG themselves than us lab rats

I believe that GGG don't learn from their mistakes or leave themselves too short off a window to find work arounds to repeating them for example…

I think that markers are extremely tedious to pick up consider that the markers themselves aren't much different from Metamorph samples before the changes, sure you pick them up in stacks of 30 but often 15+ stacks drop a map and in some cases over 100 can drop based on how you play the game, I think that the feedback of the last few years and the changes required off Metamorph to make it feel fun were enough for GGG to not make the same mistakes again and I feel that there is no "real" excuse for this short of they didn't have enough time and the pandemic screwed them over

I think the door mechanic is fine for the most part because we can choose to invest into making the jobs faster without crippling our characters in the process, at the expense of a small amount of loot we can save ourselves a large amount of time and that is a fair trade off I do however think that job speed needs to be normalised some jobs take 3x as long as others for example deception and demolition and to a lesser extent disarming I think if the time of those are reduced to the time of the quicker jobs as a baseline it is absolutely fine

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I believe that contracts shouldn't be a automatic lock out if your master isn't high enough level I think you should get less loot one way or another for having lower leveled masters this gives us an incentive to leveling them and makes leveling them up feel more exiting than "urgggg just hit level 4-5 already so i can actually play the league mechanic"

I think the loot was fine before the nerf in terms of what you got, being able to target farm loot is incredibly fun and whilst some options will always be rewarding it gave players more control over what they wanted to focus on and due to not having unlimited contracts players would probably run their less desirable contracts at some point or could sell/trade them with other players for contracts they preferred however I do think the lack of alert level was bad and I am glad they changed it but I think it went too far without heavy investment though it might be absolutely fine as is if they revert the other changes that took away target farming

I think that the npc gear is uninteresting and uninspired but has some good ideas and is fine as a system i think keeping it relatively simple and barebones as GGG did was great but I think the mods are kind of boring and all blend into one some outright don't work and some don't work due to updates so the gear needs a complete revamp stat wise

I think the lack of exp in an area more dangerous than most maps is hard to justify unless the loot is considerably better or you can target exactly what type of loot you want but that just isn't the case and in a game where levels are extremely important for power and feel of a character it makes them feel almost as if they are a total waste of time despite having the potential to be extremely fun and fresh alternative to mapping that works in a relatively Similar way and is available pre act10 Kitava

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Overall I think the league had a ton of great ideas it was extremely ambitious and whilst it hasn't hit the mark for various reasons I don't think it is a lost cause and I want GGG to make the somewhat heavy investment into bringing it up to its potential however, I worry about how it will impact the next league investing the amount of work required for it to feel the way it should

GGG the 3 month schedule isn't working anymore because the scale of the leagues are great and ambitious and wonderful I know I am speaking from 1 heavily invested hardcore path of exile player with thousands of hours but please dont reduce the size of the league, either increase the size of the team to match the scope or please allow yourselves more time to create bigger and more successful leagues <3 league a year might work though that might still be too ambitious>

Thank you so much GGG for making such a great game and setting the standards so incredibly high, thank you for all the work you put in over such a small period of time with a relatively small team for the scope of content you are releasing, thank you for working despite the pandemic to give us the biggest and best league possible

its one of the downsides to releasing leagues at 90% every 3 months compared to having much much much less content that is relatively bug free> I personally prefer more 90% content than far less 95% content, though I feel harvest was probably 80% and this is probably 70% in terms of reaching their respective potentials at launch and within the first 2 weeks,

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For the record I MUCH prefer this mechanic/league to Harvest and most leagues overall just not in its current state


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