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Heists are buggy, but when they work, they are the most fun content in PoE right now.

Content of the article: "Heists are buggy, but when they work, they are the most fun content in PoE right now."

Heist gets something right that POE has needed for a long time.

Mapping gets stale because there's extreme difficulty spikes. It's snoozemode 'press button collect loot' for 3 maps in a row, then there's some short event you weren't expecting – Conqueror rare monster with silly mods, a scary placed Allies Can't Die monster, Intervention at a bad time, etc – that ratchets the difficulty up from 1/10 to 7/10. Then it's over, and it's back to 1/10. Sometimes these are telegraphed, sometimes not.

Betrayal really cemented that – since then, if you try doing maps where the general mobs are challenging (usually only an option at leaguestart when gear is awful) you just die over and over to the difficulty spikes.

Heists have the 7/10 moments too – but the baseline isn't at that boring 1/10, it's more around 4 or 5. And the spikes to 7 are telegraphed well (usually, by a doorway).

When they work, they are everything Blighted Maps got right – including the intensity that comes with the whole map's rewards being at stake until the last second – but without the dull start, with slightly shorter durations, and with more builds being able to shine.

Loot evaluation under pressure is something interesting too. 'Do I grab this Delirium chest knowing it means I'll fail the main Heist objective' is a question I've had to answer a couple times. Or after the alarm, 'A mob behind me dropped a Vaal, do I risk going back to grab it'?

Even at the start there's significant decisions. "Do I take the 'more loot AND faster alarm' rogue, or the 'slower alarm' one?". In a way, it's like rolling maps was before power creep removed the relevance of map mods, back when it was more common to roll over a map because it had too nasty a combination of mods.

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Heists been so much more fun than maps that I somewhat dreaded going back to maps to get watchstones. I think I'm only at 10/32.

The tech issues suck though. They are nothing like the debacle of Delve's launch, but there seem to be about as many crashes as Legion had – and this is very crash-unfriendly content.


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