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Help with Summon Skeleton Caster build

Content of the article: "Help with Summon Skeleton Caster build"

I wanted to make a league starter build for HC, and I wanted to play Skeleton Caster. I've made a build that I wanted help in. It feels complete, but I want people to look at it and help me find out if I've missed out on anything(This is the second time I'm making a build from scratch, the first one ending in a complete failure). Here is the build :

This build is only gems, tree and essential uniques.

Explanation of playstyle :
Cast summon skeleton and bone offering and pick loot. If boss, then switch GMP -> Slower Proj, cast WOrb for EE(To buff fire and light casters, weakening cold casters. This is an overall buff looking just at numbers and assuming that the ratio of casters is evenly split in 3).

Explanation of Summons :

  1. Skele Mages : Main DPS
  2. Zombies : Meat Shields
  3. Spectres : Carnage Chieftains. These will give me sweet sweet frenzy.
  4. Golems : DPS and Feeding Frenzy bois

Since this is HC. Here are my defensive layers :

  1. 186% Life on tree. This should be high for a minion build.
  2. 75/75 Block cap. This with Bone offering gives me around 150 life on block
  3. Flesh and Stone(Stone form). This blinds nearby enemies and less dps from ranged enemies
  4. Temporal Chains on Blasphemy.
  5. Bone Armor being cast as frequently as possible.
  6. Flasks : Anti Bleed and Ignite Instant Life Flasks, anti freeze Movement, anti curse phasing flask, granite flask for tiny hits.
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There were a lot of possible ways I had to improve this build lategame, but this is either costly, or I'm not sure if this is a good idea :

  1. Get additional Curse ammy, ring with socket and add Sniper's Mark
  2. Add more skeletons via gear(Ammy + Body Armor + Boots)
  3. Awakened Supports
  4. Replace Flame Dash with Leap Slam + Fortify(I'd need to find more sockets somehow, and the goal is to plant skeletons and let them kill stuff before I even move. Leaping into enemies seems wrong).

Could someone take a look at this build and help me if I'm missing out on anything(forgetting some damage, any way to optimize the tree, any suggestions to improve this build etc.)


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