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Hollow Palm Consecrated Path Chieftain | Amazing mapper, but I need some help to make it into a great boss slapper.

This league I tried leveling with Hollow Palm Consecrated Path and it was a blast, but then I converted to my planned build and forgot about it. Queue me a week and 20 ex later, trying to craft an exquisite CoC, but failing miserably. I managed to craft a mediocre sword but at that point I was too fed up. I said screw swords and made a new character, a Chieftain. With 200 c to my name, I started to level and slap through the acts, with the determination to slap the game into the face with my fiery fists.

After the weekend, this is it's current state:

At the moment, I have 1640 dexterity and 763k-1.4m tooltip dps, frenzy and enduarance charges for days, 100% fortify and onslaught uptime, overall decent defenses ( At least while mapping. I can just hold down RMB/R and slap through the map, but once I reach bosses, the build's performance drops off quite a bit.

(for more realistic boss dps, set frenzy and endurace charges to 1 and tick off onslaught)

So here I am, looking for a way to make it more of a bosser. I have a couple of ideas, I hope you guys could give me even more.

Some thigs I'm considering:

  • With an unset ring, I could squeeze in an Ancestral Warchief with Combustion and/or Blind for ~40-45% more damage and some extra defense.
  • The nodes around the Brutal Restraint Timeless Jewel might change, I'm trying to roll a better one when I have some extra currency. Atm it adds ~300 dex (thus the dex chain on the tree in PoB), some life, evasion, 40% cold resistance, 20% chance to avoid being stunned and 8 seconds of onslaught on kill. There is also a good chance I won't be able to roll a better once.
  • I could free up up to 9 passives at the cost of Endurance/Frenzy charges, if they could be allocated better. Their bonuses from the Brutal Restarint aren't the best, but if they'd roll 5% dex that'd be pretty OP
  • I have a cluster jewel with Cremator, Smoking Remains and Widespread Destruction that I could implement instead of the above mentioned passives, but that again depends on the jewel whether it's worth it or not.
  • Flammability on Hit ring, or Flammability with Blasphemy support. It'd be better than Herald of Purity, but that's another extra slot I don't have
  • Got this amulet: but it's gonna take some more crafting before it becomes better than Astramentis. I'd love to hear from an expert crafter on how to make this amulet better. I plan to remove/add cold to get cold res, remove/add defense and remove/add attack as I already have way more than enough accuracy. I might just remove those mods and craft or slam a few exalts/harvest crafts and pray. Cold/lightning/chaos resistance would allow me for a lot more flexibility when it comes to the above mentioned ring upgrades, but % increased attributes and + dex would be GG.
  • Explody chest
  • Awakened gems, duh (Pulverise instead of Fist of War? I like fisting tho)
  • Maybe another skill for bossing? I don't like gem swapping, but changing 1 when I fight harder bosses wouldn't be too big of a hassle.
  • Tawhoa, Forest's Strength instead of Sun's Light/Death's Fury, PoB doesn't work for that so I'm really not sure if it'd be worth
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I think that's all I have for now, I'd love to have some feedback on these ideas and I'm also open for new ones. My budget is about 10 ex atm, but I have Valdo's maps for days.


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