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How bad was the Empy exploit compared to the vendor recipe? I counted items so you don’t have to.

So, according to Bex 20 players were banned for generating a total of 711764 items ( But what does that mean? I counted around 500 items dropped, to find out the ratio of items dropped to currency items. For every 31 items dropped, I found 1 currency item. Using the old drop table for currency, we can calculate the total expected amount of pure ex drops (a number most of us can understand, since most players have a feeling of how rare a pure ex drop from monsters is). I have in the past checked the accuracy of that old forum post (with nemesis 4 deli maps) and it still checks out.

Using this data, the total amount of pure ex is around 13 ex. So 0.65 pure ex drops per player. It would have taken 123 times as many item drops to get 1 mirror on average. ofc, more than just ex dropped. I would assume pure ex made up around 25% of the total value (since it was very limited how much the player could pick). That pushes the total amount to around 3 ex per player.

So, how much money was made with the beast splitting exploit? There have been reports of some players making around 50 mirrors. Can this number be real?

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The average value of the recipe was around 2 ex (they have gone massively up in value and are now worth 4 ex). So, just doing this recipe twice is already more than the total income per person from the empy ban. How many splits could be done? Buying fossils, selling the bases and getting the belts for the recipe should take less than 2 min, so the average would be at least 30 per hour, so 60-120 ex per hour (depending on price of the base). Since this bug was around for 2 weeks, 50 mirrors is very easily possible. 1 Person doing this exploit for just 1 hour would have generated around 2 times as much value as the 20 people using the empy exploit.

Saying that it's impossible to ban these people is utterly ridiculous. There has to be a log of people using fracture fossils. At least the people doing this hundreds, if not thousands of times should be trivial to find.

Going forward GGG needs to have clear rules and actually start banning players for exploits. Empy reported the bug instantly and mostly abused it for fun and content. The moment he realised GGG did not like it he stopped. These people knew about an exploit, did not report it for over a week and even downvoted everyone on reddit who tried to raise awareness. They also made around 7500 times as much money. The total economy impact of the split abuse is probably around 5000+ times as large but somehow doesn't warrant bans.

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