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How did we go from the most fun league we’ve ever had to this?

I’ve played every PoE league and the last league was hands down the most fun I’ve ever had in PoE. Harvest was super exciting to find and map general mapping exciting. Harvest gave you plenty of crafts so that you could buy a few bases and cluster jewels and use the gardens to chaos spam and you could sell crafts early for enough money to easily get off the ground. Ritual was honestly pretty fun. Maven was actually worth farming because fractured maps and harvest made maven orbs and elevated sextants extremely valuable. The new atlas passives where INSANE and almost every region was super fun. All the master missions you could want made switching content feel really good and scarabs where cheap af because of harvest and fractured maps.

Last league was the first time my friends and I played the ENTIRE league. It was so much fun pushing our characters to do fractured maps. We spent a whole week rolling watchstones and using elevated sextants on them to set up different regions of the atlas to try different strategies in various regions. Then we bought different fractured maps in different regions to try to figure out which ones were the most fun and the most profitable. We were really looking forward to learning deep delving in the future and were super optimistic about the direction poe was going.

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Running fractured maps with my buddies was not only the most fun I've ever had in PoE, it's the most fun I've ever had in a video game.

Last league felt like a “GGG finally gets it” moment.

And then this league happened.

All of my friends have already stopped playing ultimatum and I have too. With an entire tier of endgame content gone and being in the atlas feeling pretty bad in general I just can’t bring myself to play. Say what you want, last league was way more fun for me and my homies and with the direction of the last manifesto – I don’t feel like PoE is going to be as fun as last league was for awhile.I love GGG to death btw and have nothing but respect for the team.


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